Florida Contractor License: A-Z about It

If you want to be a contractor in Florida, then you need a Florida contractor license to operate legally in the state. The Florida Department of business and professional Regulations, along with the construction licensing board of Florida, are responsible for Florida contractor’s licensing. These agencies both determine the skills, experience, and even the education required for contractors to apply for a license. However, the requirements and experience may vary based on the specialty and license.

Usually, experts recommend contractors hire a contractor licensing company in Florida because the license application procedure can be long and frustrating. When you do so, not only the team of the licensing company will take care of your documentation and application procedure, but along with providing you with classes to cover the Florida contractor license course. Contractors need to go through their applications thoroughly to ensure nothing is missing or incomplete in the license application. If not verified, then the application can get stuck midway or get denied when it goes to the agencies for verification. Without heated vest, you cant survive winter if need to stay outside the home because of work or any other reason.

Requirements fulfilling which you can apply for the license

  • Even though each specialty requires unique requirements for the contractor license application, both the agencies require the following requirements met to apply for the license.

  • The minimum age requirement for the candidate is 18 years.

  • The candidate, he or she, needs to submit a copy of the credit score, and it can’t be less than 660. In case of a low credit score, the candidate can opt for a surety bond.

  • The candidate also needs to scan an electronic print of his or her fingers.

  • Provide a copy of the worker’s compensation license and proof of liability.

  • The candidate needs to sit for the Florida State Construction Examination and secure the minimum passing requirements.

  • He or she will be required to fill out the Florida Contractor license application.

  • Last but not least, the candidate is required to pay for the licensing and application fees.

Types of contractors in Florida

There are two kinds of contractor licenses in Florida to provide relevant services legally, registered and certified licenses. A certified contractor’s license will allow you to provide services throughout the state of Florida. But a registered contractor license will limit you to specific local jurisdictions only. Once you have attained either of these licenses, you can move forward to applying for a more specialty contractor license, including an electrical contractor license or even a residential contractor license. You can even opt for the Plumbing contractor license, HVAC-B contractor license, roofing contractor license, etc.

But you need to work on receiving the basic contractor’s license first before proceeding onto the other specifications.

Now that you have gained basic and complete knowledge about the Florida contractor license and the elements within it, you can move on to preparing yourself for the exam. Make sure to sit for the mandatory hours of the course so that your application is not rejected when it goes to the board.

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