Fixing Methods for GoDaddy Email Users Facing Problems with Login

GoDaddy is a very popular American internet domain that offers the service of web hosting to its users. It has virtual servers, email, web hosting, and software and services which are related to it. 

However, there are many people who are facing GoDaddy email problems and it is not working for them if you have also experienced any issues with Gmail then here are the ways in which you might fight useful in resolving this error.

Common Issues Faced by GoDaddy Account Holders 

These are some of the common issues which are faced by the users of GoDaddy while accessing this mail. 

You will not be able to send or receive emails using your GoDaddy email account 

You might not be able to log in to your account on GoDaddy 

GoDaddy might not be working in Outlook for you because of which you might not be able to use the platform. 

Your website associated with the GoDaddy email might not be showing on Google

Ways to Fix the Issues Faced by GoDaddy Account Holders 

So, here are some of the ways in which you can try to fix GoDaddy email not sending problems or other issues but you only need to execute the ways carefully. 

Way 1 – You need to check if the server of GoDaddy is down or not. If the server is down then you will not be able to access your account let alone send or receive emails. 

If the server is down, you can do only one thing which is to wait till GoDaddy fixes the server. 

Way 2 – You can try to log out and then log in to your account again. Even if you find this way outdated still, let us tell you that it is very effective. 

Also, you do not need to do much but simply, log out of your GoDaddy account first and then log in to your account again so that you can get rid of the error of the GoDaddy email login not working. 

Way 3 – If you are not able to see your website on Google then we would suggest you use the platform word press. It is a platform that is specifically installed by GoDaddy for free of cost. You can look for your website on the search engine of this platform. 

Way 4 – If you are not able to get into GoDaddy email then you must have a look at your SMTP port settings which you can do by opening Microsoft Outlook on your PC. 

You have to tap on the file tab and then on the account settings option. Now, go for your GoDaddy account and tap on the change button. 

In the next step, you have to click on the more settings option and select on advanced tab. 

Now, change the outgoing server port to 465 and encrypt the connection to SSL and then proceed ahead to the following step. 

After you have done the changes you can save them. And fix the problem of the GoDaddy email not working so that you can continue using GoDaddy as you used to. 

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