Find out how to choose a lawn mower with these tips

A lawn mower is essential to maintain the impeccable appearance of the grass in your garden, with optimal results and in a short time. Today we help you how to choose a lawn mower.

How to choose a lawn mower: A good lawn mower is equipped with blades that can be adjusted to modify the height of the cut and thus achieve a specific length for each type of lawn. This eminently functional feature also allows the height to be alternated in different areas of the same meadow, achieving finishes of high aesthetic value.

A lawn mower consists of:
Handlebar: Corresponds to the handle of the mower. One adjustable and with foam will make the task of cutting easier, by reducing vibrations in the arms. Some lawn mowers have folding handlebars, offering greater comfort of use and taking up less space.
Chassis: It can be made of polypropylene, aluminum or steel. The latter are more resistant to impacts. If the chassis has a front handle, it favors the handling of the machine.

Wheels: With bearings to facilitate movement.
Collectors: Bags or sacks to contain waste.
Scissors: They are a set of helical scissors, powered by a motor when there is electrical energy or combustion. They can be adjustable in the case of motorized cutters.

Technical characteristics:
How to choose a lawn mower: A lawn mower varies depending on its working power, which determines its energy consumption and productive efficiency. In the case of manuals, the mechanical effort must be made by the user. Electric or combustion machines offer greater performance in terms of power and speed of work.

Power: N / A (Does not apply)
Cutting capacity: Average of 30 to 34 cm (centimeters).
RPM: N / A (Does not apply)
Weight: Average of 9 kilos (kilos).
Power: Average, 1,000 to 1,800 W (watts).
Cutting capacity: Average from 38 to 48 (centimeters).
RPM: Average between 3,000 and 10,000.
Weight: Average from 9 to 29 kg (kilos).

Power: Average, 98 to 190 cc (cubic centimeters).
Cutting capacity: Average of 53 cm (centimeters).
RPM: Average from 2,000 to 3,600.
Weight: Average from 24 to 43 kg (kilos).
Lawn Mower Types:

They are the most basic models, they do not have any kind of engine and all the drive effort is made by the operator. They are ideal for flat land on surfaces less than 150 m2. The cutting width will range between 30 and 34 cm.

This mower they incorporate an electric motor, which greatly relieves the effort deployed. They can easily tackle surfaces between 150 and 500 m2. The cutting width will range between 34 and 36 cm. If a nearby plug is not available, the use of a cordless cutter will be necessary.

It is a lawn mower that works with a combustion engine, which gives them great power, minimizing the time dedicated to this task. They are ideal for larger surfaces, between 400 and 1200 m2. In addition, the cutting width ranges from 40 to 57 cm.

Use tips:
Self-propelled lawn mower models must respect the machine’s forward speed without rushing it.
Respect the working and stopping times indicated by the manufacturer, so as not to damage the machine.
Cut grass when dry. Doing it when wet produces irregular cuts and favors the appearance of fungi.
Clear the areas around the windows from pebbles and the like when the grass is cut in that area, because if any pebble comes into contact with the cutting blade, it can shoot out at high speed towards the windows.

In two-stroke engines always use the ratio indicated by the manufacturer for the mixture of benzine and oil.
On four-stroke (gasoline) engines, the crankcase oil level should be checked. The oil must be replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
The fuel tank of the mower must be filled before starting work. If the mixture runs out and needs to be refilled, the machine should be turned off and the engine cooled down before doing so.

In electrical equipment, always check the condition of the power cable and plug before each use; in case of damage, the tool must not be used.

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