Fast facts about Canada for international study aspirants

Canada is one of the most attractive places to go for Undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The capital of Canada is Ottawa. The country houses a population of approximately 34 million. By area, the country spans approximately 10 million square meters.

Canada is located in the North American continent and is one of the safest and most peaceful places to reside in. The community is forthcoming and welcomes foreigners warmly.

This article will provide you with important information about Canada which you could use as a foreign student.

Six facts to know beforehand about Canada as a foreign student

When you are considering your study abroad options, you don’t only need to consider the study program you are applying for. You need to conduct detailed research on the destination country, its education system overall, and the academic life you will be in for. Key bits of information you require are as follows:

1.       Canada as a destination country

Canada has numerous exhibits of natural beauty but also hosts a number of metropolitan cities. Since the area of expanse is huge as compared to the minuscule population of 34 million, the rest of the land attracts tourists all around the year. The most metropolitan area of Canada is its southern part, as the northern region is extremely cold.

Who doesn’t want to study in a country with this unique combination of wilderness, metropolitans, and a vast expanse of land? You can seek help from Education Consultants in Islamabad to increase your probability to acquire admission to your desired Canadian university. It is the most livable country in the world and opting for it for foreign study would be a very good decision for you.

2.       Higher education system

Canadians place education among the most important areas to pay attention to. The government in Canada mostly finances education all over the country. The support from the government forms the foundation of the consistently high quality of education in Canada. The higher education institutes of Canada are respected and considered well-reputed all over the world.

If you are considering Canada as your stud destination, you need to explore the sea of academic opportunities available for international students. Decision of the most suitable study program amongst the diverse variety needs thorough research and clarity of goals on your part.

3.       Academic year and expenses

The academic year in Canadian universities starts in September. The semesters begin in September and January. The tuition fees have to be paid per semester and greatly vary for every university and study program. The living costs can also vary based on the city you live in.

You can expect the tuition fees in the range of EUR 3000 to 6000. Similarly, the cost of living can also be expected to be somewhere between 3000 to 6000 EUR per semester.

4.       Health insurance

Health insurance is one of the major benefits of studying in Canada as a foreigner. If you are visiting Canada as an international student for more than 3 months, you will get health insurance. If you go for less three months, you won’t get any health insurance benefits.

5.       Work permit

Canadian students with a study grant can work on campus with ease. However, after studying in Canada for at least 6 months, students are allowed to work off-campus as well. There is a limit on the number of hours students can work during the semester but in semester break there is no such limitation.

This leverage to work besides studying is one of the key reasons students find Canada as the most exciting country for foreign education. You can hire education consultants in Islamabad for seeking help regarding the admission and visa process. Once you have acquired admission and you’ve been granted a study permit, you can easily start working besides studying.

6.       Official Languages

Unlike many other countries, Canada has two official languages: English and French. In light of this fact, there are some universities in Canada which provide education in English, while there are others that offer programs in French. When you carry out your research for a suitable study program, you will not only need to see the contents, but also the language preferences you hold.

Why choose Canada for foreign study?

More than a million students from all over the world are acquiring education in Canada at any given point. Canadian universities are highly regarded and respected all over the world. The living cost and tuition fees are one of the lowest among the top study destinations in the world. The community is multi-cultural which makes it easy for students from any ethnic group to fit in easily.

High-quality education and high-quality life go hand in hand in Canada. The degree you receive has as much value in the global job market as that of a degree from a US university.

Canada is the safest choice of a study destination.

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