Fantastic Services Provides Disinfecting & Sanitizing End of Lease Cleaning

With everything that individuals have to do and remember when they’re relocating, end of lease cleaning can present challenges. Fantastic Services can help with that detail. The company is one of the largest providers of home-related services and end of lease cleaning to make life easier for clients.

Engaging the services of the professional cleaning service is easy and convenient. The company is cognizant of the areas about which landlords are mostly likely to complain. There’s no time limit on end of lease cleaning Sydney. It’s performed until all parties are happy for secure bond retrieval and the company offers a 72-hour guarantee.

Fantastic Services – End of Lease Cleaning During COVID-19 Pandemic

Coordinated with REA end of cleaning checklists, the services help ensure that clients get their deposits back. One of the most desirable reasons for hiring a professional cleaning service is the COVID-19 pandemic. End of lease cleaning Perth provides antiviral sanitization to kill 99.99 percent of viruses and bacteria.

Services can be booked online and individuals simply empty the property of their personal belongings. A team of professional cleaners will perform an extensive array of end of lease cleaning tasks throughout the home or apartment. Bathrooms receive a complete and thorough cleaning and disinfecting, from mirrors and under cabinets to toilets, showers, and screens.

In the kitchen, ovens receive a deep cleaning and sinks and appliances are cleaned and sanitized. Rugs and carpets throughout the home are vacuumed, floors mopped, cobwebs are removed and all surfaces dusted and wiped clean. The service includes stairwells and entryways.

Upon request and an additional fee, the Fantastic Services team can also provide cleaning for garages, cellars, laundry rooms, and balconies. Window washing, wiping down the walls, and cleaning of dishwashers and refrigerators can also be requested, along with cleaning of grout, upholstery, mattresses, and curtains when needed.

Fantastic Services relieves individuals of the time consuming task of end of lease cleaning Melbourne. The services are convenient, cost effective, and performed to the highest level of standards, enabling clients to leave the home with confidence. For complete convenience, individuals can download the company’s app.

About Fantastic Services

Fantastic Services was launched in 2009 by Founding Director, Rune Sovndahl, and Co-Founder and CEO, Anton Skarlatov, who believed they could leave their mark in the home services sector by introducing a different business model. From a small cleaning company, they built a multi-operational enterprise based on a wide network of productive partnerships. The company has been featured in numerous print and broadcast media. Connect with the company on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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