Introducing Facebook Shops: The New Feature for Small Businesses

The Facebook new feature is a way for small business owners to manage their way during the corona crisis. The co-founder of Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently discussed the Facebook shops on CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell.

While COVID-19 is adversely impacting the economy, a lot of business owners are undergoing a financial crisis. While more than half of the businesses are temporarily closed due to quarantine, Zuckerberg believes that social media platforms must contribute to slowing the spread of rumors and misinformation.

He, therefore, has highlighted a new feature on the social media channel regarding Facebook shops. The CEO said, “COVID has not just been a health emergency. It’s been a real economic crisis that is putting a lot of strain on small businesses.”

Since the outspread of Coronavirus pandemic, things are getting out of control for employees and business owners. Most of the eCommerce retailers are working out ways to survive the emergency situation. For this reason, brick-and-mortar store owners must consider this feature to stay afloat.

The Facebook Shops New Feature

According to TechCrunch, Mark Zuckerberg further said in a Facebook live session, “I do think we are going to continue living more of our lives online and doing more business online.”

This upcoming Facebook shops new feature may not be able to recover all the loss. But, it will help small business owners to continue working and survive the crisis. Like the CEO said, this idea will “not undo all the economic damage” yet there are definite chances for a change.

For a long time, Facebook has been one of the most popular social media platforms. It always contributes to its users and helps people in every possible manner. During such a pandemic condition, the Facebook new feature will help retailers connect with a substantial amount of people all over the planet.

Moreover, this plan of selling products on Facebook shops is not new to the industry. Users in the past have been utilizing Facebook posts for retail items. The “for sale” hashtag is popular on the platform.

The Facebook shops feature an advanced method of buying and selling things on the social media channel.

Introduction to Facebook Shops

Facebook shops are making it easy for business owners to set up an online store for the audience to connect through Facebook and Instagram. It is a user-friendly feature that does not require any fee.

Creating Facebook shops is quicker than ever. Retailers can add their products from the catalog and feature them accordingly. Also, it is easy to customize the shop by selecting a brand cover image and color theme for building an identity.

It is helpful for people as a business owner can utilize Facebook shops without worrying about the budget and market size. Moreover, customers can firmly ask questions regarding the products through WhatsApp messenger, Instagram Direct, or Facebook Messenger.

This way, retailers can also promote the best coupon codes from a brand by utilizing Facebook shops and continue to grow in this situation.

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