Exciting Factoids about Screen Printing That You Should Know

If you have been tasked by your marketing team to create visible branding opportunities under a tight budget, then screen printing is your best friend. Screen print is a form of the printing technique that allows you to print your business logo, message, or anything else on T-shirts, shirts, and other pieces of clothing.

Screen printing is performed through the rigorous pressing of the ink through a mesh to create a unique design. Think of the entire process like a sticker or a tattoo that you find in the chewing gums. You put the ink paper on to your hands and wait for it to be imprinted.

Similarly, screen printing follows the same process but on a broader scale. It is a notable printing technique adopted by multiple industries across the world, so if you have never heard of the technique before, there is a possibility that you have at least worn an imprinted T-shirt at some point without even thinking.

Screen printing is also in layman terms known as silk-screen printing, which is an older form of printing but works in a similar fashion. The process is not just for printing apparels and promotional items. You can use it to create artistic designs on posters, paintings, and other things.

Now that you know a little bit about this printing method, we will talk about some of the most interesting facts that everyone should know in screen printing. So without any further restrictions, let us begin.

Screen printing means T-shirts!

Screen printing of today mostly revolves T-shirts which is one of the reasons why so many businesses are rooting for custom screen printed T-shirts. If we look into the numbers, it shows that T-shirts are so popular that nearly 3.5 billion of varieties are sold each year.

Among these staggering numbers, cotton is the most popular piece of fabric used for manufacturing and designing T-shirts. Marketing research suggested that nearly 93% percent of the people opted for cotton-based T-shirts because it keeps them dry in the warm summer days.

If you would like to know more about screen printing online, you can always look up for different types of topics available on the internet.

Screen printing dates back to ancient times

A lot of people believe that because the designs in screen printing are so far-fetched today, it must be introduced a few years ago. But not many people know that screen printing has a deep-rooted history originating back to almost 1000 years.

Screen printing became a popular form of art culture in ancient China, mainly in the Song Dynasty. The artists of that particular era used to create beautiful designs for the sake of earning money. The art form became so popular and in demand that many neighboring countries started following a similar trend.

Today, the printing method is not just restricted to art. Still, many promotional companies use screen printed apparel and promotional products to showcase their business, sell their products, and create visibility for their brand in the market.

Screen printing played a key role in branding popular movies

In modern times, screen printing is prominently used to print a wide range of apparel and promotional products. From children’s football uniforms to branded polo shirts for advertisements, you will see imprinted designs everywhere.

But when we dug a little deeper, we came to know that the very first imprinted promotional product was developed for the sake of promoting a classic comedy hit “The Wizard of OZ.” Screen printed T-shirts were distributed by the production company and agencies in numbers to generate visibility.

They distributed so much that the film became a huge success, thanks to its marketing efforts focused on distributing promotional items to the people. The apparel did two of the most important things which many brands continue to do today:

  • They distributed T-shirts so that people get excited about the movie.
  • The T-shirt will remind them about the movie and the buzz for a very long time.

Since many production houses followed the trend right after “The Wizard of OZ,” screen printing for promotions became a mandatory marketing tool and expanded to such extent that other businesses started embracing it.

Now, almost all of the industries use it to their advantage, and handout branded screen printed T-shirts to their clients and their prospects.

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