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Everything You Should Know About Urology Problems

Urology is the branch of medical practice that deals with male reproductive organs and general or critical urinary tract diseases in men and women. Some doctors with specialization in urology may treat general urinary tract disorders. Others may perform surgeries and provide specialized treatments such as treatment of prostate cancer. 

Who Is An Urologist?

A doctor who received special training to treat and diagnose patients with disease of the urinary tract or reproductive tract (in men) is known as a urologist. They may or may not provide surgical treatment. You need to select a urologist depending upon your requirement. For instance, for a simple infection in the male urinary or female urinary tract, you need not visit a urologist surgeon. A general urologist will be able to provide you the right medications. 

But in case your condition is severe and you need to treat any spice reproductive organ such as testes or prostate glands, you must consult with a urologist surgeon. You can find the best urology hospital in India that provides an unmatched quality of medical service to the patients and at affordable charges. 

Specific Area Of Treatment In Urology

The following areas of practice fall under urologist:

  • Kidney in both males and females.
  • Urinary bladder.
  • Urethra.
  • Penis.
  • Testicles.
  • Prostate.

Common Urological Diseases

Different types of urological diseases can develop in men, women and children of all ages. These diseases are mostly concerned with the urinary system of the body. Apart from this, some of the urological diseases are related to the male hormones and reproductive system.

The most common diseases that require urologist are:

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia– In this condition, the prostate gland increases in size which is a common condition in aged males. It is not directly related to prostate cancer but could be a risk factor and is better treated from the beginning to avoid any complications later.
  • UTI (urinary tract infection)– This is a common condition frequently found in women and children more than in men. When pathogenic bacteria invade the urinary tract of an individual, it causes an infection that can turn into a severe problem if not treated properly. 
  • Kidney & ureteral stones– Stones may form inside the kidneys and in the ureteral region. This occurs when the urine carries crystal or small particles that do not get filtered out of the body with the urine. They collect over time and form stones. 

Some other diseases that need a urologist are:

  • Bladder related issues, especially bladder cancer.
  • Hematuria.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Interstitial and more.

When To See A Urologist?

In case you see any abnormal changes in your urinary tract, you can consult with a urologist for a general evaluation of your urinary system. People who have serious issues such as prostate enlargement or painful bladder syndrome need to consult a urologist at the earliest to avoid any complication. 

Before you seek a urologist’s advice, be sure to find an experienced doctor who has been in practice for many years. Alternatively, you can directly visit a multispecialty hospital where you can find all the recognized doctors under one roof.

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