eToro CopyTrader Explained

The community of eToro’s thousands of customers is what makes our platform unique in the market of online trading. Our award-winning, innovative CopyTrader(tm) system connects with the users of eToro and helps you discover different ways to expand your portfolio.

how to copy trade on etoro?

Utilizing CopyTrader is easy: Select the most popular investor you want to copy, choose the amount that you will allocate to copy this trader then click Copy. As time goes on, you’ll begin mirroring their positions on autopilot in real-time and proportional to the amount you’ve invested. You are able to stop or start the copying process at any moment.

Start copying the top traders


  • Popular Investor portfolios currently contain only crypto assets. We are working to include ETFs and stocks to the CopyTrader program very soon.
  • Although all etoro fees australia have full access to all profiles that is available on this platform However, as per the current rules, US clients can only copy other US users for now.

Copy Open Trades

Once you have started copying traders and you begin copying trader positions, the CopyTrader software gives you the option of copying an entire portfolio and just copy the new positions from now on. To copy positions that are already in place you must check the Copy open Tradesbox.


Users who choose “Copy Open Trades” in the Copy interface will duplicate all the open positions that the copied user has using the following conditions:

  • The positions currently open will be opened on the account of the copyist at the current market price at the moment the copying process begins (not what was the cost at which initial positions were first opened).
  • New positions are opened at the same rate when the copy user opens them. They will take the equity realized (balance plus funds being held in positions that are open) in the calculation of the percentages of users copied. For instance, a position that is opened using 10 percent of the copied person’s realized equity can create a position on the copy account using 10 percent of the realized equity within the relationship.
  • You can end a particular copy position, but not close your copy-copy relationship.
  • To view the entire portfolio that were copied from one user, visit your portfolio and then click on the name of the user you copied.
  • The positions will be appear in your bank account simultaneously. They will be with a small loss, which shows the difference between the Buy Rate and sell rates to give you a live illustration of the amount that you’ll get if you decide to close the position.
  • When the copy user makes a withdrawal then you will be paid the dividend in the form of a copy. In the event that the user copied deposits money then you will get an alert advising you to include funds in the copy to ensure the optimal proportion.
  • If the person you are copying closes all positions your copy relationship will remain in place until the person starts new positions.

*These terms and conditions may changes at the discretion of eToro at anytime.

Copying only positions that are new


Users who choose not to select “Copy Open Trades” in the Copy interface will only replicate new positions that are opened following the time when the copy is initiated, in accordance with the following conditions:

  • New positions will be open at the same speed as the user who copied them can open them.
  • The percentages of open positions is determined by calculating the equity of the user copied (account balance and funds available in position).
  • The actions taken by the copied user will be replicated in the account of the copyist, including the closing of positions.
  • You can close a copied location without closing any copy relationships.
  • To see all positions copied from one user, open your portfolio and click on the copy user’s name.
  • The percentage can change as the copied user alters their balance. This may happen when the user copied is able to withdraw or deposit funds or closes an existing position that was open prior to when the copying began.

*These conditions and terms can be changed at the discretion of eToro, at anytime.

Setting Stop Loss for the Copy

If you begin the process of copying an investor you’ll be able to determine the Stop Loss amount for the copy-relationship. Simply change your “Stop Loss” value (either in dollars or ratio percentages) according to your preferences.

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