Enjoy a swim in the water with Dolphins in Cancun

Dolphin Discovery is located on the outskirts of the Island. It is only a 10 minute drive away from each end of the island full of adventure. swim with Dolphins in Cozumel To arrive on the island take a ferry ride for a stunning 40-minute boat cruise over the Cancun Bay. Be aware of our flexible ferry schedule that lets you enjoy the island prior to or after your event.

The archaeologists have concluded that Isla Mujeres was a sanctuary for Mayan virgins. They also believe that Mayan women were obliged to make a journey to it in order to fulfill their right to enter into womanhood. The remains of a Mayan temple are situated in the southern part of Isla Mujeres. It is believed it was dedicated to Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of fertility Ixchel.

Isla Mujeres is also considered to be an important base of pirates. Visit the pirate’s hacienda of Mundaca. If you go to the graveyard on the northern side of the isle, you’ll discover a variety of headstones that are engraved with skulls and crossbones.

The Island gained fame again in the 70’s after the caves of sleep sharks came to public’s attention by Jaques Cousteau. The Island is also renowned for its superb snorkeling.

Dolphin Royal Swim

The most exciting of our programs The Royal Swim allows you to experience the thrill of swimming alongside dolphins while you learn Chankanaab Park thrilling tricks together.

After a brief introduction during which the Dolphin Discovery trainer will explain the fascinating lives of these incredible animals, you’ll take a dip in the ocean to experience this unforgettable “Experience to a Lifetime.” The amazing experiences you can expect to encounter include: kisses, leaps, feet pushes, dorsal tow , and some free time.

Dolphin Swim Adventure

An unforgettable chance to take a dip and snorkel with dolphins! Enjoy the thrill of a kiss from a dolphin and admire the strength of the dolphin when you’re towed across the ocean through the “belly ride’ and be captivated by their gentleness while cradling an animal within your arms.

Put on your snorkel and mask to enjoy a stunning perspective of the dolphins while they speed, spiral and swim through the water , demonstrating their remarkable ability to move. In addition the dolphins are seen swimming frequently between and within groups, so that everyone can keep watching them at close distance. It is a must-see… Program duration: 45 mins (including orientation)

Dolphin Encounter

The Encounter Program is a unique experience for those who love dolphins that will bring more dolphins closer than thought possible. The Encounter program will make sure that everyone can experience dolphins up close and close-up as our trainers guide you through the amazing creatures. In this program you will sit on a waist-deep submerged platform and will be able to experience the following thrilling activities: race, song and enjoy, cradle the tail, walk and touch.

Dolphin Sea Life Discovery Plus

The only program where you get to engage with manatees, stingrays and even swim with dolphins. This unique program gives you the most immersive experience.

Begin your journey with an insider’s view tour, during which you’ll learn how we take care of the different animals. Additionally, you will assist our specialists prepare the manatees’ food that you feed to them throughout the course of the program.

Feel awed by the gentle touching of the stingrays when you feed them while sitting in the water. You will then get to meet three magnificent manatees – who wouldn’t want their kisses? And meet these adorable creatures before heading to the thrill of a dip with the dolphins, which will complete your Adventure of a Lifetime!

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