Effectiveness of brand guidelines for your company

Having a strong brand requires consistency, Have a look at a famous brand like Nike and Apple, and you can easily relate to their brand values. For instance, the half-eaten apple of the brand always reminds us of the Apple brand; similarly, the swoosh reminds us of Nike. However, building your brand guideline may seem to be a daunting process, and it may require the intervention of an expert.

Before we delve into the topic of how to create a strong brand guideline to attract more clients, it is essential to understand some definitions. So let’s dive in and develop our understanding:

What are brand guidelines, and why does your business need them?

Brand guidelines or brand style guide refer to the physical or digital booklet, which provides more information about your company’s voice and tone. It is like an instruction manual that determines how you should communicate your brand to the masses. In addition, it is a tool that gives consistency and flexibility to your brand. Let’s find out some of the crucial aspects that brand guidelines cover:

Logos: Logos can be your full logos, secondary logos and icons. A good logo can help in building a long-lasting first impression and can foster brand loyalty. It will help you build trust and will allow you to eclipse the competition easily. A picture can paint a thousand stories. Hence giving weightage to the logo will work wonders for your business. Thus be literal with your logo and, at the same time, be authoritative about your logo. Also, keep some space empty to make sure the design of your logo is clean. Also, use shapes that can think inside the box. Let’s discuss how a good logo should look like:

  • Be memorable. Encompass your brand value.
  • Be timeless.
  • Have an attractive design.


Colour palette: the colour palette is about choosing the primary and secondary colours of your brand. Colour is the critical element for curating a solid brand value. In logos as well, you can use the same shades of different colours to create a distinct visual effect that can attract your clients. Adding a small pop of colour will stop your design from feeling flat and is perhaps a good trick. Amazon logo is one such example.  

Typography: typography refers to font styles sizes and spacing. Different typography pallets help create brand consistency as different typography represents the value of a brand. Therefore, the fonts for your brand should be chosen carefully, and you should consult an expert for doing the same.

Voice and icons: These elements represent your brand to a significant extent. Icons can communicate messages quickly and can reinforce brand recognition.

Few important tips for setting a solid brand guideline:

Hiring a professional may be an excellent idea: When it comes to having an effective brand guideline, hiring a professional branding agency in Mumbai may be a good idea. A brand professional will help you have a strong brand essence, and they will help you with brand clarity.

Be specific: Being specific will help you with brand awareness. For having an effective brand style guide, there is no room for inconsistency or uncertainty. Brand value needs to be showcased in the proper manner to attract more clients.

Define your primary colour:

Naming your primary colour may be a great idea: popular brands have their primary colour defined. For instance, in the case of the popular brand Netflix, they have their primary colour defined, red.

At Libcom, we help you have effective brand elements like logo, colour palette, icons, interfaces etc, that will set your brand apart from the competition. Moreover, we can help you with strong brand values that will help people remember your company. Thus if you are looking for a reputed branding agency in Mumbai that can help you with effective brand guidelines, then consider collaborating with Libcom without a second thought.


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