Discover the New Concept of a Kids-Friendly Hotel in Cancun

Holidays in Cancun have long been known not only for gorgeous beaches and high-quality services for tourists but also for its nightlife. However, some tourists postpone the trip to this place because of the children since there is a myth that Cancun is not suitable for a family vacation.

However, ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres is going to break this stereotype and offer a high-class vacation. It is aimed not only at young people or lovers of nightlife but also for family holidays, even with small children.

ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres All-Inclusive Vacation

This hotel differs from other Cancun hotels as it is known as the best kid-friendly hotel in Cancun. Before we move on to the concept of rest with children, it is worth noting that this is a 5-star hotel for those who prefer all-inclusive rest with the best service. This hotel resembles a cruise ship is located just 15 minutes from Cancun.

Luxurious beaches, spacious rooms with a design for every taste, harmony of Mexican style with modern design, and amazing culinary offerings are not the whole list of what ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres Kids Friendly Resorts has to offer. After all, as mentioned, this hotel decided to transform Cancun into an ideal place for all-inclusive resorts for families. But how? Read on for more details.

ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres Family Hotel Concept

Why can Playa Mujeres luxury resorts be an ideal option for a family vacation? Because the main goal of the hotel is not only to allow adults but also children of all ages to get unforgettable emotions. It is worth starting with the fact that there is a specialized children’s pool next to an adult. But the service for children does not end there.

Doodle Camp is a new world for children, where every kid will find something to do. Here they can get not only new emotions but also to develop both creative and intellectual potential. What else does Doodle Land offer?

This is an innovative concept that combines entertainment with education. Children get the opportunity to learn Mexican culture, delve into gastronomy, and contact with nature. All this is always accompanied by creative, intellectual games and activities.

Doodle Camp is a great opportunity for children to receive not only the caresses of the sun but also a lot of knowledge that can be useful in life.

Cancun Is Your Best Family Vacation Destination

While children enjoy the fun Doodle Land, adults will receive luxury service. At ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres you can find rooms that are suitable not only for those with children but also for those who love luxury. For example, the rooftop loggia is a great place to relax and spend a romantic evening under the Mexican sunset.

ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres strives to provide all categories of customers with what they are looking for. Now a vacation in Mexico can be the best option not only for those looking for entertainment but also for those who want an excellent family vacation!

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