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There are many kinds of consumer services available in the consumer services field, an industry that is growing. Food and grocery delivery, housekeeping, education and training, customer service, health care, or financial assistance may be included in these services. Find out about companies that are hiring in this field if you’re interested in using your skills to improve consumers’ lives.

You can find information about what companies are in the consumer services field here, as well as descriptions of the services they provide and some background information that can help you decide whether to apply for their job openings.

Service companies providing consumer goods and services

Check out these 7 consumer services companies, along with their headquarters locations and sizes:


The Talkdesk cloud contact center offers enterprises a way to improve the way they communicate with their customers. Through excellent call quality and app integration features, Talkdesk has assisted over 1,800 enterprises in increasing customer satisfaction and improving productivity since it was founded in 2011. Through excellent call quality and app integration features, Talkdesk has assisted over 1,800 enterprises in increasing customer satisfaction and improving productivity since it was founded in 2011. In the information technology industry, Talkdesk offers several international locations where employees can find a variety of careers.


Using big data analytics, Innovaccer helps resolve health care issues by improving patient care. By interpreting the data that health care companies collect, Innovaccer’s data activation platform helps them develop better solutions. Engineers, talent acquisition professionals, sales representatives, and product managers who want to improve patient health care should explore Innovaccer.


The mobile bank N26 is based in Europe and has offices all over the world. Since 2013, N26 has continuously provided fast, simple and modern banking to consumers through a completely digital business model. There are also options for savings, credit, and foreign exchange provided by them. You may find job opportunities at N26 across the U.S. and abroad if you are interested in improving banking and financial services.


Generally speaking, Pfizer is one of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that provide consumers with consumer services, and engages in partnerships with governments and health care providers to provide more affordable access to healthcare. Since its founding in 1849, Pfizer has been developing innovative medications that can be used to prevent, treat or cure diseases. Jobs at Pfizer are available across the country, including some remote positions, for health care professionals focused on developing and delivering accessible health care options to consumers.


Using Thumbtack, homeowners can find construction and maintenance professionals in their area to help with minor repairs and remodels. Additionally, Thumbtack provides homeowners with resources and instructions for maintaining and improving their houses. You might find a new job at Thumbtack if you are interested in being a marketing, account management or engineering professional.

Babylon Health

By offering its online app, Babylon Health provides affordable and accessible health care worldwide. People are able to schedule consultations with medical experts through their platform, which allows them to connect with medical experts. Furthermore, users can ask professionals questions via text through Babylon Health’s tools. As a consumer services company, Babylon Health offers a variety of remote job opportunities.


An information technology company founded in 2013, Kasisto uses artificial intelligence to provide assistance to consumers through mobile apps, messaging services, websites, and IoT devices. Kasisto allows companies to interact with consumers quickly and conversationally using omnichannel bots and virtual assistants. As an enterprise account executive, solutions architect, or sales engineer, you can use innovative technology to improve consumer service at Kasisto.


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