Jordan Walke, an employee at Facebook and his team created React also known as React.js or React JS. It is an open-source high-performance user interface developed in the year 2011. This was a new way to render a web page and also based on JavaScript libraries. Let us see the features of ReactJS to know about it.


  1. Virtual DOM (Document Object Model):

It eases to build scalable and fast applications. To create a representation of a web page in virtual memory it uses a memory reconciliation algorithm. Whenever there are changes in the web application then the entire user interface is re-rendered by using Virtual DOM.

  1. Use of native components:

It uses native components rather than web components. To have better control over an application React JS follows one-way data binding. The other feature is that in react JS the code is declarative which makes it easier to read and debug the code.


React Native

React Native is one of the most interesting frameworks because it lets us build cross-platform mobile apps for Android. Some of the developers have also developed apps for Mac in Windows using this framework. The main purpose of this framework is to build Native applications with the help of JavaScript. It is a very in-depth topic; you need to study in detail in order to stay ahead of the pack. You can also know more about it by going through React Native Interview Questions.


One of the best features of React Native is that it can be used on every mobile platform, say, iOS on Android, windows, etc. It is only focused on UI design and the rendering abilities are by far the best. Another feature that stands out of the rest is that the development time of the application is considerably short.


Difference between React Native and React JS.
React JS React Native
React JS is a parent JavaScript library used to develop web applications. React Native is a framework for developing IOS & Android applications using 90% of the JavaScript Code.
React.js uses web html tags like <div> <h1> <h2>. In React Native we use tags like <view> <text>
In React.js you need DOM for HTML tags path rendering. In React Native you use AppRegistery to register the app.
For creating UI hierarchy React JS uses JavaScript Libraries. React Native has all the benefits of ReactJS.
Primary concentration is on Web Development. React Native main focus is on mobile development.
React.js virtual DOM is faster and refreshes only part of the page React Native allows developers to create native apps in a web-style approach.
Uses JavaScript and CSS Library for Animation purpose, In React Native built-in animation libraries are used.


In the end, we can say that React.js and React Native have their differences and can be used for both web and mobile applications. Where React.js can be used for web development React Native can be used for eases development purposes. React interview questions can help you understand more about these two languages and help you clear your interview also.


Keep learning, keep growing.

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