Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar Turn Themselves in After Party Attendees Made Allegation Of Robbery

NFL cornerbacks DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar found guilty by Miramar police. Both of them turned themselves into Broward Sheriff Office’s (BSO) Main Jail. DeAndre Baker, a player of the New York Giants player turned himself in on Saturday. Quinton Dunbar also turned himself in on. However, his attorney remarked this was a bogus arrest warrant. The base of arresting Dunbar is only witnessing from an unconfirmed witness. The play played for Washington Redskins and now signed for the Seattle Seahawks. 

Both the players were at a house party Wednesday. According to many attendees, these two players stole thousands of dollars in cash from them. Not only that, but they also stole valuable watches. These attendees also stated that they had weapons at that time.

Baker was proven guilty already. The BSO said there was no court appearance scheduled for the New York Giants player. He was charged with four counts each of provoked assault with armed robbery and a firearm. Dunbar also faced four counts for the same reasons. However, according to Grieco, Dunbar’s attorney, these charges hold no water. He remarked in an Instagram post “His career and reputation have been put in jeopardy as a result of an overzealous @miramarpd that was so excited about arresting a pro football player”. He also added that they were so envious of him that they posted and celebrated the arresting of these two players on social media. The attorney also alleged @miramarpd that they also tagged Dunbar’s employer in their unprofessional ‘virtual touchdown dance. According to the Attorney of Dunbar, this is the proof his client is not guilty at all and arresting Dunbar was not a justified decision. A judge granted Dunbar $25,000 bond per count. As he was awarded four-count, then he needed to pay $100,000 in total.

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