How Dan Aykroyd becomes a successful businessman!

It is not wrong to say that Dan Aykroyd’s fans will be happy to hear about his decision not to become a pastor. Dan Aykroyd initially went on to become a pastor, but at the age of seventeen he decided to enter the world of the arts instead of pursuing a spiritual path.

He started his artistic career with comedy but he played a memorable role in the film ‘Ghost Busters’ for which he also got an award. Interestingly, he was also the assistant writer of this film.


Dan Aykroyd


During the last few years, he has been recognized for his success in the vodka business in Canada. Just as Aquarius is known to the public as a friendly person, so is his private life.

Regarding his business, he says that 45 years of my acting have made the business very easy for me. When I joined the acting profession, I had to sell myself in the market, which made me aware of this field.



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Ghost Bhusters


“Each of my auditions was a self-selling process, the terms of the contract, the terms of the union, the tax planning.”, he said.

When I started this new project, I knew what I had to do, how much should I set the price and then make a deal.

Dan Aykroyd was born in 1952 in Ottawa, Canada.

His father was a policy adviser to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Justin Trudeau, the son of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, is the current Prime Minister of Canada. Dan Aykroyd’s mother was a secretary.

Dan Aykroyd entered the Catholic school with the idea of becoming a pastor. But Aquarius changed his mind and decided to go to university instead of becoming a pastor.

Aykroyd studied criminology and sociology at the university, but dropped out before completing his degree. He entered the world of show business as a comedian and also helped to run a bar.

The turning point in his artistic career came in 1985 when he was chosen to be an assistant writer for the American comedy show Saturday Night Live. Dan Aquarius also got a role in this show. Aquarius was 22 years old at the time and the comedy show ran until 1979.

After that Dan Aykroyd’s film career started and in 1980 he starred in the Blues Brothers. He was also the co-writer of the film.


The Blues Brothers is one of the classic comedy films.

Four years later, they shots his memorable film ‘Ghost Buster’. In this film, besides acting, he was also playing the role of a writer. In addition to Ghostbusters, his popular films include “Driving Miss Daisy”, “Trading Places”, “Spies Like Us”, “Ants” and “Grosse Pointe Blank”.

Dan Aykroyd also directed a film but failed miserably.

Aykroyd directed “Nothing But Trouble” in 1991, which costed him 40 million dollars, but the film grossed only 80.8 million dollars.

“If you hurt a studio so much, they will destroy you and your career.”, he said.

Fortunately, Dan Aykroyd managed to save his career even after this failure.

Dan Aykroyd says the film taught him the art of management. While directing this film, I learned how to value the work of others.

“As a director, you have to value other people’s skills and abilities because you can’t do this work and you have to let them do it.”

Dan Aykroyd first ventured into the business world in 1992 and invested in the House of Business Music Avenue and restaurant branch.

Live Nation now runs the business, a major entertainment company, but Aykroyd is now its paid consultant.


Dan Aykroyd


He entered the liquor industry in 2005. He began importing the company’s patterned Tequila wine to Canada.

Two years later, he launched “Crystal Head Vodka”, which he is very proud of.

This is all possible because of his human skull-like glass bottle, Aykroyd says it is one of the premium products. It is made from Canadian corn in the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador. The majority of this business is owned by Aykroyd.

He adds that the design of the bottle is chosen from the ancient style in which American tribes used this shape of skull in religious ceremonies.

“Crystal Head Vodka” has sold more than 13 million bottles of vodka.

“I’m talking about this wine all over the world and I’m so proud that it’s from Canada, I have to talk to my own country,” says Aykroyd.

Holly Wyatt, managing partner of Kinetic Brands, a Canadian company that helps boost business, says the ‘Crystal Head’ company has certainly benefited from the fact that it owned by a well-known personality celebrity.

She says that it was a great pleasure for Aquarius when she inaugurated it. It is a very special package, it is a very special drink, so people shows interest in buying it.

However, their clear presence in the business is an indication of why people still want to buy the brand.

Although he spends most of his time in the vodka business, he still seems to be busy with acting. It’s not because they want money. The total value of their assets is 135 million dollars.


Dan Aykroyd


This summer, he starred in the upcoming Ghostbusters, the fourth in a series. He says that he is happy to wrestle with supernatural spirits again.

In fact, Aykroyd takes interest in supernatural life. The reason for his interest in this field was to some extent his father himself and the main reason for this interest was his Sufi grandfather.

“As you know, my grandfather, Sam Aykroyd, was a psychologist and researcher, as well as a doctorate in dentistry from Kingston College, Ontario.”, he said.

They are very glad that the “Ghost Busters” has created such fun and laughter as well as interest in extraordinary work.


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