Dab Rigs built to last and what to look for

Dab rigs are nowadays very popular. Yet for a newbie, it would be informative to know what a dab and dab rig is, the parts of a dab rig, and how to use it. 

What is a Dab?

A dab is the concentrated form of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabidiol). It is an extract from the marijuana plant. It provides a higher psychoactive effect.  Dabbing is the process of consuming the dab as vapor which is available in the form of oil, hash, rosin, etc. As dabs are concentrated, a better flavor and smoothness are experienced.

What is a Dab Rig?

It is an instrument that is used to consume dabs. The inspiration in making dab rigs is a water bong. The key feature of the rig is its small size rather than a bong. Dab rigs are mostly made up of glass but a silicone dab rig is available now in the market. Dab rig which is also coined as hash rig, the important component of it is a nail, where the extract is placed and heated up to get the vapor when passed through the water in the dab rig. Nowadays they are available with a pretty artistic touch in their design and outlook. 

How does it work?

A dab rig consists of a basic water pipe that is connected to a nail. The nail otherwise known as a banger is the spot where the main activity is done. Apart from this a dab tool, the concentrate, a torch, and a carb cap are also needed for dabbing. Fill the water in the dab rig to the desired amount that would produce bubbles. Heat the nail for up to 30 seconds using the torch. Wait for 15 to 20 seconds so that the temperature of the nail reduces. The preferred temperature maybe 350 to 450 degrees. Electronic dab rigs are also available which heats the concentrate using power and no need to use a torch. If an e-nail is used, no need to worry about the temperature. It would automatically set your desired one. Otherwise using an infrared thermometer or a timer would help you to attain the required temperature. Temperature plays an important role in getting the best experience of the dab. So it must be maintained well. Place a very tiny amount of the concentrate (as the name states it’s a concentrate) on the heated nail. The concentrate would start evaporating at this moment. It is time to inhale the vapor. Place the carb cap on the nail when you inhale the vapor to enhance the vapor by increasing the bubbles. Once done, remove the carb cap. 

There are many varieties of nails available based on the material they are produced. The nails are made of glass, ceramic, quartz banger, titanium, and hybrid made from the combination of quartz and titanium. Seasoning the nail is much needed to avoid inhaling any polish or other material that is used in manufacturing if the nail is new. A proper way of seasoning the nail is to heat the nail to a temperature at which it starts to glow in red color. Adding a little concentrate will be good. If not to waste the concentrate, then put the heated nails in water using tongs and be careful it’s too hot. Repeat the process one or two times and the nail is ready to use. 

Kinds of concentrates used in Dab rigs:

Butane Hash Oil (BHL) is the extract in which butane is used as a solvent. This type of concentrates is in the form of sugar or butter or sap. Propane hash oil is another concentrate in which propane is used as a solvent. Rosin, another form of concentrate, is manufactured by pressing the plant extract between two metal sheets with high pressure. Kief is a concentrate made from sieving the plant material. Hash is made from the resin of the plant. Moon rocks are cannabis extracts coated with oil. Libraries are frozen cannabis extracts. Diamonds and sauces are the THCA extracts concentrated and recrystallized. 

Cleaning a dab rig:

Cleaning the dab rig is essential to get rid of bad flavors and tastes. Boil water, to a steaming temperature. Hold on the concentrate rig and the nail in a way to collect the steam into the instrument. You can see the residuals getting melted. Pour the hot water into the rig and allow the concentrates to get diluted in water. Be careful while pouring the water, as it can harm you. Another important thing is the glass, the rig should be made of a glass that has heat tolerance, or else chances of getting broken. By closing the mouthpiece, shake well so that the water reaches all over the rig. Pour the water immediately without allowing the wax or oil to settle down on the walls of the dab rig. Using alcohol or specific solutions that are available will be easy to clean. Cleaning the nail is more important. Most of the time the unused concentrate will get deposited on the nail and can be cleaned easily after every use, by wiping it out with cotton or a swab, when it is still warm. If the nail is kept uncleaned for many uses, the deposits of residuals will be more which cannot be cleaned using a swab. In that case, soaking the nail in alcohol and wiping it off will be more effective. Cleaning the dabbing tool and the carb cap also can be done in the same way.  



Dabbing using a concentrate rig gives the highest flavor and more hike, compared to the bong. The concentrates are pure substances that prevent inhaling the raw materials directly while smoking, thereby preventing the lungs from getting affected.  Dabbing overdoses can result in undesired side effects as they more effectively get into the body and affect our brain cells. Another hazardous aspect of using dabs is the chance of getting dependent on the product.

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