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Drawing For Kids children are naturally interested and creative, so parents may foster these traits by including them in arts and crafts activities. To improve their skills and maintain their interest, you might teach your child simple drawings such as animal designs if they are interested in drawing.

When paint and feathers are involved, the enjoyment is at its peak. Nothing for kids, possibly except splatter painting! There are three sections to this lesson: Drawing For Kids bird is first painted with a crisp, painted outline before the feathers are added. Feathers, a dark oil pastel (if using light paper), a light oil pastel (if using black paper), and tempera paint that has been slightly thinned with white are all you need to create pastel tones.

This thorough instruction book is a fantastic resource for teaching your youngster fresh sketching methods. This one is very easy, and your child will have fun with it. Are they prepared to begin learning how to draw birds?

The Supplies Necessary to Draw a Bird

  • One graphite pencil of the HB or B variety.
  • A white sheet of paper measuring A4 and one eraser

5 Easy Steps to Drawing a Bird for Kids

Here is a short tutorial that explains how to draw a bird in just 5 easy steps. This manual is great for newcomers!

Outline first

  • Sketch a candy cane to represent the bird’s head and body. To create the head, draw a line with a small upward curve, as seen in the image below. Create a little curve to symbolize the beak.

Bring your gaze in

  • Draw a small circle under the curved skull and fill it with material to create the eyes. Then, sketch the beak as it appears in the figure.

Before completing the wings, complete the body.

  • Connect the outline with a semicircle to create the bird’s wings. Create a larger semicircle and link it at the bottom using the example as a guide. The bird’s tail will be a slight curvature at the bottom.

Sketch the feet and the feathers

  • Draw two arcs inside the tail and three inside the semicircle to represent the bird’s feathers. Draw two extremely small parallel lines from the outer semicircle. Next, construct the feet by adding little arcs beneath the lines.

Shield the bird

  • The bird should be painted in shades of orange and yellow. The wings should be yellow, and the body should be a dark orange color, as shown in the figure. It should have a brown beak.

Your child will have learned the art of painting a bird in just 5 easy steps. Let him practice drawing a bird before showing him how to draw other creatures. Due to their enthusiasm for sketching, your child will improve in concentration, hand-eye coordination, and inventiveness. So let him sketch and conjure up his fascinating world!

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