Cricket assets online and cricket digital assets

People are now rushing into buying digital sets and it has become the new talk of the town but what are digital assets?

Digital assets are memes, videos, GIFs, tweets, digital player cards of Sports players, basketball clips, celebrity accessories, video clips, music videos, real estate and even a Cricket digital assets ecosystem (Rario launches NFTs and a digital space for the fans of cricket). So many people are paying so much money on these assets online because it will be so much more worth in the future.

NFTs and digital assets have been quite popular in sports like, NBA, Major League Baseball and Formula One. But recently there’s been buzz about the same kind of revolution happening in the world of Cricket.

So what are these cricket assets online?

Whether it is match winning sixes or cards of all the players who won Man of the Match in the major league finals or iconic photos from T20, Test Match, ODI or domestic, cricket collectibles have it all. Hence, cricket digital assets are a great collection of officially licensed unique digital collectibles ranging from player cards to video moments to cricket artefacts.

And in order to immortalise these iconic moments in the sports history and providing fans an opportunity to exclusively own their favourite moments in a tangible and verifiable way, Rario has teamed up with the biggest leagues and players in the world.

Rario is one of its first kind of cricket based digital cricket collectibles platform where every collectible- audio,video,moment cards will have a unique serial number and unique identification tied with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Technology. This would mean that you will be among a selected few fans who own a particular moment of action.

So, if you are the biggest fanatic of Cricket and would like to curate match winning boundaries, moment cards or terrific shots in the history of the sports, then Rario is the perfect place to take this passion to another level.

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