Creating Engaging Digital Magazines From Scratch

In today’s innovative world everything is moving to a virtual platform, magazines are also not left behind. Now you create your customized digital magazines on FlipHTML5. Breathe innovation into every page as every publication you create is brought to life in a completely new way. Many online magazine creator tools are available on the internet. However, finding the one with the right features is a job in itself.

Type of Publications

One page

Create a one-page publication. Adjust the page size by adjusting the width and height.


Expand the format with a spread. Practical for creating online magazines

Long Read

Create pancake content with vertical scrolling.

Perfect Layout

A well-organized workspace can help or destroy the readability of digital magazines. People need quick access to information, and good design can make that information visually appealing and easily accessible. For online magazine creators, you can use the online editor in FlipHTML5 to easily create elements within a page, achieve complete consistency within a perfect layout.


Basic grids resemble lined paper and help align columns of text. The document grid-like graphic paper – is used to align objects. Use these tools in conjunction with other clear options for organizing horizontal and vertical space.


Easily position objects according to grid lines and other important points on the page. With the snapping option activated, objects automatically snap into the correct position when dragged to the desired location.


Guidance pages only appear on the page where they were created. Guide spreads permeate all pages, including the work areas of the multi-spread page.  Both types can be placed horizontally or vertically on any page.


Margins are extra space between the border of the page and its main content. The top, bottom, left, and right margins form a rectangle around the perimeter of the page, helping to define the line where the text starts and ends.

Adding Images

Showcase beautiful photos like never before. Upload images directly to the digital magazine and may edit with FlipHTML5 photo editor.

Adding a photo

Insert images directly into your online magazine using the FlipHTML5 editor tools. Then crop, rotate, transform – adjust to your content.

Photo editing

FlipHTML5’s unique photo editor can drastically change the look of a photo. Add special effects, apply filters, add text to photos, stickers, and more.

Video and Audio

Add something extraordinary to your digital magazine with the FlipHTML5 editor. Fill your posts with rich audio and video elements to grab your readers’ attention and increase engagement.

Insert video

Need to pay attention to a specific area of ​​the page? Download videos from your computer or from popular video hosting sites. You can safely change the video thumbnail by uploading your own.

Work With Text

A picture may deserve a thousand words, but most likely, these words will be different for each of us. Good words can make a big difference to the overall meaning of the content of the magazine, so things need to be balanced. Use the FlipHTML5 Editor to add a text block to your digital magazine change the spacing between lines, letters, apply to kern.

Play with fonts

The degree of readability depends on the font, the font can represent the brand, accentuate some idea, add personalization. Choose the correct font on the FlipHTML5 platform.

Multiple Column Texts

Multi-column text is often used to engage the readers while publishing the magazines online. Create multiple columns (if you like) and use FlipHTML5 tools to adjust the spacing between them.


FlipHTML5 has multiple components to create interactive and engaging online magazines for users. It takes innovation to the next level by introducing various features that make it easy to use and appealing to the eyes.


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