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Covid Certificate Verification – Addressing Criminal-based Concerns

Since the coronavirus outbreak, world processes were placed under lockdown. The virus has been lethal, evident by the death toll provided by NYTimes, which recorded over 2.5 million. However, authorities and healthcare providers came up with a cure – a vaccine. They made it mandatory for every citizen to inject required shots and then step out of their houses for a normal life. Despite all these regulations, criminals and fraudsters managed to make fake certificates of vaccination as well as negative test reports.

To come out of the dramatic consequences faced by industries, they needed more improved and health-secured solutions – prominently covid certificate verification. As mandated, no customers were allowed to travel abroad, enter a mall, or any other public gathering unless they present covid certificates. To dodge this, criminals prepare fake documents or attain them directly from illegitimate sellers. However, digital solutions have the issues under control due to their artificial intelligence-based services. Various challenges and related regulations are discussed in this blog. 

Risks and Challenges Faced by Global Industries

Covid test and vaccine certificates somewhat serve the purpose of a free ticket for criminals to escape verification processes. However, European Union has come up with certain regulations to ensure that no data will be compromised. Furthermore, countries other than the issuers can not store the customers’ information during digital vaccine certificate verification.

Evident from various studies, criminals are using digital platforms to carry out their malicious acts. For instance, the telegram has been serving as the major attraction and medium for selling and purchasing fake covid certificates. Similarly, medicare – an Australian app became another target for criminals. It allowed customers to download their certificates online while minimizing the hassle of waiting in queues. However, after supervision by authorities, it was reported that various certificates were and this led to a huge monetary loss.  

Better Business Bureau (BBB), America – Pre-hand Warnings 

Coronavirus certificate verification has become an obligation for every industry, firstly to address health-related concerns and process accordingly, secondly to ensure regulatory compliance. But the fact stands that criminals can have aligned intentions, identified by Better Business Bureau (BBB) – a non-profit US organization. Through various studies and analyses, this organization has made certain predictions that the number of phishing attacks will rise. Criminals are also succeeding in manipulating QR codes by creating fake ones. Through this, they gain access to digital certificate vaccine verification sites and exploit customers. 

Telegram – the Major Attraction for Criminals

Telegram is a communication platform that has gained massive popularity over years. But with this, it became the major attraction for criminals to sell fake vaccines and covid negative certificates. Probably because of less supervision or other causes, criminals managed to create groups and carried out their businesses there. Through this medium, passengers who wanted to escape the verification were assisted in every way alongside the general public. To address this menace, regulatory bodies came up with strict monitoring and identified every such group while putting criminals behind bars. 

Australia-based Medicare App – Platform for Fake Certificates Attainment 

To verify vaccine certificates is now mandatory for every industry, big or small, to retain authenticity and ensure safety. For accurate, error-free, and precise verification, industries are intruding digital solutions like online services from which customers can download their legit certificates while ensuring that they are not being assisted by criminals. Quoting an example of the Australian Medicare App. this served as the one palace solution for immunization-related assistance and vaccine administering. However, the application was not proven to be risk-free. Customers that were in line to dodge verify vaccine certificate process have reaped the most benefits. This is why criminals filled their bags with $270.

EU’s Actions – Combating Covid Certificate Verification -related Frauds

Pertaining to the pandemic, the travel industry experienced great business because customers were in a hurry to go back to their respective countries. This phenomenon stayed stagnant for months. Due to this, the travel industry faced increased risks. To bring the criminals caused abruption under control, regulatory authorities revamped the rules. Furthermore, not only the travel industry but malls, large public gatherings, and others mandated the customers to upload or present their certificates. 

Also, EU law enforcement agencies started strict monitoring and imposed fines on the sectors that left this phenomenon unattended.

All Aspects Considered

Digital vaccine certificate verification is a must-have for every industry ranging from travel agencies to the entertainment, healthcare sector, and public gatherings. To combat every concern, online solutions are providing digital vaccine certificate verification. This way platforms can verify customers‘ liveness and their health status. They ensure instant verification while preventing COVID certificate-related scams and crimes within time. So much so it keeps the information private.


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