Covid 19 News – P. Princi Food Services Announces Flat Fees for Delivery-to-the-Door

The pandemic has created numerous problems for people, even as restrictions are beginning to ease in some areas. To help alleviate those difficulties, P. Princi Food Service announced that customers within 10km of the store will only pay a $10 flat fee for delivery and $30 for other locations for direct-to-door delivery service on orders of any size.

The well-known butcher shop is fully stocked and experiencing no shortages of the quality meats that residents have come to rely on for everyday meals and special occasions. The company’s store is open for walk-in orders, along with easy online ordering of premium cuts of beef, goat, lamb, pork, poultry, and veal. Customers can also order a range of sausage and smallgoods.

Order Online – Get Door Delivery

The Perth online butcher also offers a P. Princi Points program. Customers earn a point for purchases. When individuals have accrued 50 points, they can redeem them for a $5 voucher on their purchase. Vouchers can be used on any of the company’s products, from burgers and chicken kebabs to pork ribs. Mouthwatering BBQ packs to accommodate any size appetite include favorites such as crumbed veal schnitzels.

Individuals can satisfy their craving for any cut of meat by utilizing the Perth meat delivery service to plan meals for the week, fill a freezer, or prepare a special celebratory meal. P. Princi Food Services works closely with local providers for a farm to table solution that ensures freshness in-store or delivered directly to customers’ door. Products are gluten free and contain no nitrates for a healthy choice.

Online meat delivery Perth is available for a nominal fee to make shopping easy and convenient. There’s no need to leave home or fight through crowds to enjoy sumptuous meals and gourmet cuts any time of the year. Individuals can also choose from among beef Bolognese sauce, lasagna, roulades, involtini, shepherd’s pie, and the company’s award-winning Perth ham.

About P. Princi Food Services

The Princi family has been working in the butchering industry for seven generations – both in Italy and in Perth. The tradition began when Pasquale Princi immigrated to Australia in the early 1950s. He immediately obtained a butcher’s job and opened his first store in the early 1960s. The company has won dozens of awards in numerous categories across Australia, earning his son Joe, who is currently in charge of the business, a reputation as a pioneer among his peers.

The company was the Outright Gold Winner of the 2015 Pork Steak Your Claim Competition; won the Gold in the 2015 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards; the Gold in the 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards; the Silver in the 2015 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards; and the Silver in the 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Foods Awards.

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