Covid 19 Has Changed the Way We Outsourced

COVID 19 has messed up the existing structure of how things used to run. What was earlier regular may not apply to the current situation.

The economy faces the most drastic repercussions of COVID 19, and what contributes most to the economy? Organizations.

A lot of companies have put an end to their operations, and the ones who are still continuing their work have to keep in mind a lot of things that were not this significant before.

COVID 19 has hampered the very core of businesses.

However, visionary entrepreneurs do not have the option of taking rest.

 For example, you had a great app idea in mind, and when you thought of turning that idea into an innovation, your luck, the world got under lockdown. Now you have two options: first, to wait for the pandemic to get over (which could take god knows how long). And second, to get on with the work.

Application development industries are still growing at a significant rate, so I see no point in stopping.


Can you leave your fate to fate?

I would like to present a quote of the writer Santosh Kalwar that fits best with the current situation of entrepreneurs,


“Never stop just because you feel defeated. The journey to the other side is attainable only after great suffering.”

The quote implies that,

No matter what pandemic they face, an entrepreneur must always go on.

“So the show must go on,” ideology has been adopted by business owners too. Building a product must always go on, but what is the solution to the COVID problem? Work From Home.


You can still outsource your developers and get them working on your product, defeating all pandemic odds (if that’s a word).

Anyway, you get me.


So let’s now look at somethings you should absolutely consider while outsourcing during this pandemic:

  • Calculate the risk:

Outsourcing was considered to be a risk even before the Coronavirus hit. However, the risks are now doubled.

You need to outsource a developer who is trustable, reliable, and excellent in her/his field. Try to do the tasks that can be done at your end before you decide to outsource employees.

If you decide to outsource for core business practices, the risk could be really high, since you will not have much control over the central element of your organization. And I need not point out how disastrous it can be.

You need to outsource a professional who is entirely self-sufficient to build up your product even by working at home. S/he should not lack resources or need a workspace to build your product in the way it should be built.

Outsourcing development projects must be well-calculated. You should research the market first and then outsource a developer who is capable of innovation and developing a product that is high in quality.

The pandemic has nullified the option of meeting and working closely with your developer, so you need to be extra cautious before you make a choice or hiring a professional to work on your project.

Make sure you follow a rigorous interviewing process and then hire the expert of your choice. This is like taking the leap of faith, but if you have to jump, why not calculate the risks first?


  • Communication:

Communication is a critical factor that should be kept in mind before outsourcing a developer.

Outsourcing is undoubtedly the right choice to make right now, but it is also equally important to make sure that proper communication can be maintained with your developer.

The individual you choose to work on your project must thoroughly understand your needs and requirements.

Since the world is locked up in their houses, setting up a personal meeting has become impossible. The virtual world is the only platform to keep businesses up and running.

Therefore it has become crucial to outsource the developer with whom you can maintain proper communication over the internet.

Maybe it would be an excellent choice to outsource a developer who has always been working on his own on various projects, this way; you will know that the individual will be able to maintain communication throughout your project development.

Or hire from companies that can guarantee proper communication.


  • Technology and resources:

The global epidemic has got us all working from our homes, so your case would be no different.

Outsourcing at this point could be a significant decision that you must make analyzing and covering each aspect that could become a hurdle in your project development.

If you are considering outsourcing a developer to build up your project, make sure you are well aware of all the technologies and resources s/he has been using and is fluent in.

Their knowledge of the relevant technology would decide the fate of your product. If your developer is skilled in the technology you have to use for your product then, that would be a plus point, wouldn’t it?


Make sure you have answers to all the questions mentioned below before you choose your outsource developer:

  1. Can they efficiently handle all your project needs?
  2. What resources are available to them?
  3. Are they well experienced in handling projects like yours?
  4. Do they have up-to-date technology to work on?

If you find the answer to all the questions above, then you can call off your search and get to work.

Some other things you should not ignore are:


  • Your developer must be able to work with minimal supervision. You should outsource a professional who can work independently and would not compromise with quality even if you are not there to supervise 24*7
  • The developer you outsource must meet deadlines. Understandably, working from home may give us the lazy vibes, but that is no excuse to cheat deadlines. The world has paused, not stopped. Your developer must always be aware of that.

If you find a developer who can match all the above criteria, then don’t let them go. Hire them and start working on your project, because soon all of this will be over and things will go back to normal. You have to continue shining now and then.

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