Copywriting: how to be credible for your e-commerce site?

Contrary to popular belief, creating content on the Internet is not within the reach of everyone. Indeed, copywriting is an essential element for your digital strategy, participating in your natural referencing (SEO) as well as your online communication.


While it is necessary to take copywriting or web writing training to acquire the basics, another criterion must be integrated into your content production to become a copywriter: credibility.


What is the difference between web editor and copywriter?

We consider the web editor as the root profession: his goal is to produce content to feed a blog, newsletters or white papers in the rules of the art. The primary objective of the web editor is SEO through content optimization, without trying to sell. Above all, he seeks to inform the Internet user , although he can place CTA (Call To Action) in a relevant way within his articles.


The goal of the copywriter, on the other hand, is slightly different: he too is responsible for creating content, but with the aim of selling. He designs landing pages, advertising texts and sales emails to achieve his goal. He is not commercial: he must be able to generate sales by words. You can learn copywriting skills from our best online copywriting course in the world.

Understanding the concept of credibility

Credibility induces the notion of trust, a determining element in any act of purchase. Let’s take a simple example: You are considering buying a new computer because yours is starting to get old and lacking in power for your liking. Do you really need it? Not necessarily: your old machine can still be used for your daily tasks, but you tell yourself that you would be more efficient with a state-of-the-art PC.


You will therefore go hunting for information to find the model that corresponds to your needs, often on the Internet. By going to specialized sites or discussion forums, you will no doubt find models recommended by complete strangers. Why listen to them? Because in your eyes, they have knowledge that you do not have and surely have more experience than you in the field of IT. In other words, they are credible in your eyes and this is what will comfort you in your act of purchase.


The principles of quality and added value are derived directly from the products and services offered. They therefore involve the definition of a specific commercial strategy, by focusing for example on accessibility or product quality. It is on these two concepts that the judgment of Internet users will be based.


How to integrate the notion of credibility on your site?

As said before, this is the main role of the copywriter. This will therefore have to create content (visual and / or textual) to not only reassure the Internet user, but also to inspire confidence and make the company credible and legitimate. On its sales pages, it will indicate for example:

  • Seniority (“created in 1984”, “at your service for 15 years”, etc.)
  • Labels and certifications held
  • Examples of achievements
  • Large-scale projects in which the company has participated

As a result, brand credibility and legitimacy is built throughout the life of the business and should be promoted through persuasive writing. You will be a winner on all fronts: you optimize the conversion rate of your e-commerce site and you stand out from the competition by inspiring confidence.

Orient your digital strategy accordingly

From now on, two schools clash: that of fame and that of reputation, although they come together in the short term. Indeed, being recognized as a leader in your industry by dragging a bad reputation behind you will not help you. It is therefore necessary to find the balance point to be known and appreciated by offering quality products / services and a satisfactory customer experience.

Develop your notoriety: natural and paid referencing

If we talk to you about IT products, you will immediately think of specialist brands in the sector, such as the LDLC or sites, or you will go to resellers. For e-commerce sites without a physical store, it’s a bit more complicated. Indeed, building its notoriety takes time and sometimes requires a substantial investment effort. It is necessary, among other things, to design a website, adopt a natural and / or paid referencing strategy and create advertising campaigns on the Internet. During this phase, the copywriter can help you imagine landing pages intended to improve the conversion rate with strong messages highlighting the benefits of your product or service.

You can also call on influencers to make yourself known. In the form of a partnership, bloggers and YouTubers can thus present your brand by temporarily associating with you or talking about it naturally on a specific theme. This was for example the case of Tibo Inshape, who had posted an online video on food supplements. In this video, he was talking about MyProtein, which has now become one of the leaders in this sector in Europe.

Improving your reputation: social marketing

With the appearance of social networks, work on e-reputation is now easier. It will therefore be necessary to carefully select the platforms favored by your target and to animate them regularly to achieve the set objectives. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, social media allow you to improve your reputation and your notoriety, but not only: it can also help you to get in touch directly with your customers / prospects to offer them a personalized user experience.


Facebook’s advanced targeting is a tool that will prove to be a formidable and valuable ally. Indeed, the tool allows you to display your advertising messages to people:


  • Who are already interested in your brand,
  • To visitors to your website,
  • According to their interests,
  • To people who like the pages of your best-known competitors,

If social networks and Social Ads are tools to integrate into your digital strategy, the same goes for paid referencing campaigns like Google Ads; you can configure them to enable retargeting to remind visitors of your products and services of your site. This tool uses almost the same targeting options as Facebook; we can also rely on purchase intentions, the professional activity of prospects or similar audiences in order to reach your target and trigger a sale.


Use the most suitable media for your business

Reputation does not only come from textual content! Do not hesitate to multiply the communication media (visuals, videos, white papers, etc.). In addition to a competitive advantage and a very strong credibility, you put the search engines in your pocket, very fond of multimedia. Here again, the copywriter is a powerful ally in creating content to serve your brand thanks to strong messages by promoting the quality of your products, whatever the medium.

Be careful, however: the digital sphere is a hostile place where your competitors do not hesitate to discredit you, through comments. The goal is not to block or ban them, but rather to use them as a rebound. Never leave a negative review unanswered: use it instead to show your interest in your customers and your willingness to provide quality service. In addition to credibility, you also improve your brand image.

Write for the web, yes, but be believable!

Becoming the essential leader of a sector takes time. In addition to producing quality content (for SEO), you must juggle visibility, notoriety and reputation in order to position yourself as such. Such an objective is achieved over the medium and long term (between 3 and 5 years), on condition that you play fair, offer a quality product and take the time and perspective necessary to achieve it. If you lack internal resources, look for a specialized digital agency and find a trusted partnership.

Irena Pavlović

Irena is a dentist, working extensively in her field as well as in the fields of fitness, nutrition and medicine. She has been educated about healthy lifestyles for years, helping others learn as much as possible. She seeks to help people adopt healthy habits as well as healthy and positive thinking about life. In her spare time, she hikes, runs, plays saxophone and guitar, and develops her own health page ( Her life motto is: When they expect a lot from you, you do even more.

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