Checklist of Must-Have Things For New House

Our new home must have all the beautiful things that we have listed in our mind, long before buying or making it. But we also must know that with changing times, there might be some important things that we might have missed out. Here is a checklist of all the things, both important and beautiful that you might consider before shifting to your new home.

  1. Transfer utilities – Make sure to transfer all your important utilities from your old house to the new one. Small things are hand towels, phone charger or tooth brush must be kept separately, so that you don’t miss out anything. 
  1. Safety kit – A safety kit is probably the most important thing to carry wherever you go, and definitely in your new home. It must have all the bare minimum necessities. Also, make sure your new home has a fire extinguisher, a night bulb, flashlight and electrical outlet protector. These are for emergency purposes. 
  1. Dining Table -. A dining place is a must-have space in a house. It is a place where all of the members can have food together after a hectic day. That is a space where all of them can relax and talk about everything. Hence, the Dining table set must be very comfortable. It might have cushions on the chairs for comfort. For beauty purposes; it might be according to your wall color and size of the room. There are many decorators available who will be able to suggest the best set according to your view of the room and you yourself are always there.
  1. Air cooler – In this kind of climate around the world, an air cooler has become a basic necessity of a household. The best air cooler should be able to fit to your room, look nice, and feel comfortable to be in. Some of the best brands include Samsung, Hitachi, Panasonic, and Voltas. 
  1. Safety kit – A safety kit is a very important thing to carry wherever you go, and definitely in your new home. It must have all the bare minimum necessities. Also, in your new home make sure to have a fire extinguisher, a smoke detector, a night bulb, flashlight, and electrical outlet protector
  1. Mattress –  Mattress is another most important thing that a checklist must-have. You deserve the best mattress in India for all your comfort and convenience. There are many mattresses available in the market. Make sure they are large, soft, filled with cotton, and washable. You might find mattresses of different color, buy accordingly.
  1. Window Coverings –  I’m sure you would not like your old window coverings in your new place. Window covers contribute majorly to the beauty of the room and the home. If you look up on the online stores tobuy different types of window covers that will fit your budget. There are sets available along with door curtains too. 
  1. Refrigerator – If you’re buying a new refrigerator, make sure you know all the recent features in a refrigerator. The brands like Whirlpool,, LG, Panasonic, Sony have come with the finest quality of refrigerators that keep your food cool and dry
  1. Smart Tv – If the mobiles and watches can be smart, then why not TVs? The new launches of 2021 have come with excellent features and picture quality. There are rollable TVs too, but won’t be very appropriate for keeping as a part of decor. The size of the televisions are available upto 32 inches that will give you projector-vibes.
  1. Sofa sets –  Sofa set is another thing that contributes to the decor of the room. The window curtains, the sofas and the colour of the walls make the perfect combination of a beautiful room. There are various types of sofas available, one of which is unfoldable. You can unfold it to use it as your bed, this might help when there are many guests who have come to your place.
  1. Other furniture- Apart from these, a few important furniture is almirah, tables and chairs for random use, lampshades and a writing table especially if you have kids staying in your place. 

These are a few essentials that you must make a checklist of before shifting to your new home. Among these the safety kit is always of the utmost importance. May you get the best air cooler and the best mattress in India for your new home because they help you relax after a long day. Home should be the most comfortable place. 

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