Changes in the MOT Due to Coronavirus

People living in the UK know the importance of an MOT test. Your vehicle must pass this test. Failing to do so will lead to a hefty fine and points on your license. This test has been made compulsory to keep the environment and you safe car tyres newport.

There are certain facts about the MOT that most people do not know. If you are living in the UK and want to know more about the test, you have clicked on the right thing. This write-up will clear all your MOT related doubts.

What is an MOT Test?

This test is done to ensure that your vehicle meets all the security and environmental standards. This helps in reducing emissions and road fatalities. Most vehicle components like tyres, wheels, exhaust system, engine, windscreen, doors, mirrors, horn, etc are checked during this test.

Vehicles that are three years old or older should pass an MOT test to be driven on the road. Without an MOT test passing certificate, you will not be allowed to take the car out for driving.

Changes Due to Coronavirus

It should be noted that the government of the UK has made some changes to the MOT test guidelines. The first modification is that the MOT Cwmbran test was extended for 6 months in March 2020. This means that if your MOT would expire in May 2020, it will now be extended till November 2020.

The guidelines also state that the garages and service centres will still be open for emergency services. You are advised to not visit the service centre of you or someone you live with who has COVID-19 symptoms. In that case, you are expected to isolate yourself.

How to Book an MOT?

To carry the MOT test, you must call a certified test centre. They will give you a date and schedule an appointment for you. All you have to do is take the vehicle to the centre on the specified date and time.

Certain test centres ask you to leave the vehicle in the morning and collect it by the end of the day while some ask you to wait for 2-3 hours until the test finishes.

Test Result

The vehicle either passes or fails the MOT test. It depends on the severity of damages and issues found in it. If the vehicle passes the MOT, you will be given a certificate and the same will be uploaded to the database. A failed MOT will either be due to major and dangerous faults or minor and advisory ones. With major faults, you will not be allowed to take the vehicle with you. You can’t drive it till the damages are repaired.

You can also take the vehicle to another garage for repairs but for that, you will need to tow it. The best option here would be to get the repairs done at the test centre itself. Almost all the centres provide this service.

How to get the Retest scheduled?

You can get a retest scheduled after getting the repairs done. If you leave the vehicle at the test centre itself, you will get a partial retest. It will be free within 10 working days.

You should always keep your car clean before going for the test. Sometimes a dirty becomes the reason for a failed MOT in Newport. Also, remove stickers from the windshield blocking the driver’s view.

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