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Change your Twitter Username or Handle

How to Change Your Twitter Handle or Username

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your twitter name and are wondering is this possible then we would like to tell you that you can change your twitter name whenever you want. 

You must ensure that your twitter username represents you and your brand if you have any. 

This blog has the steps available for you if you want to know how do I change my twitter name and the only thing you need to do is to follow as well as carry out all steps appropriately to get the result you want. 

Steps to change twitter username of your account – 

You first need to go to twitter and then you need to access your account on the platform. 

Now, you have to click on settings and privacy tab which you will find from the drop down menu. 

Following this you are required to tap on account information and then on username section. 

In the text box present in front of you on the screen you have to fill in your new twitter username which you want to twitter change name. 

If the username which you have filled in is taken, twitter will inform you about the same with the help of a prompt. 

You have to make changes to the username and decide the one which is not taken, you will see a green tick mark on the screen is the username you want is available to take. 

Once you see the green mark you can simply press the save button to save the new username or the twitter handle you have decided. 

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