Challenges of online education during quarantine

So far, this year has been all about staying indoors. Every individual is being advised by the government and the medical fraternity to stay home and maintain social distancing. 


To control the spread of this rapidly growing virus all public gatherings and places including schools, colleges and universities have been sealed. A new format of education has come into existence which involves a lot of video calls and online studies. 


Though this allows the students to stay connected to their teachers and studies, this arrangement is not without its challenges. 

Online teaching may sound good theoretically, it does have some challenges and a few of these include the following:


Engagement gap:


As if it was not difficult enough to concentrate on lectures in a classroom, sitting with the laptop in a more relaxed environment is leading to a lot of distractions. Students are yet to get accustomed to this new mode of teaching and home settings with a frequent supply of beverages and tasty food are causing a lot of engagement issues. 


Communication gap:


This is a raging problem for students who are involved in dancing, arts, or deal with a science lab environment. Such forms of education require the physical presence of the teacher to deal with issues as soon as they arise. Though online classes are being held for these activities too, communication is not that smooth flowing. This leaves the students anxious as they feel lost and in need of a quick response. 


Tool issues:


Though most people own a computer and internet connection these days, a lot of them still don’t. In a lot of households, there is only one system and since all the members require it in the current times, the students end up getting the thin side of the stick. In addition to that, there are issues related to network overloading, slow connection, and server issues. 


Though this is going to be the way of life for the days to come, such problems faced by students must be addressed as soon as possible.

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