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The Dubai Shopping Village in Dubai has now expanded to include a large number of new and upcoming projects from various property developers, all of which are aimed at turning the once sleepy and dilapidated agricultural village of Dali into a bustling commercial hub in Dubai. It is here that Dubaiis planning for the next stage of its rapid growth, and will soon be filled with high rise towers and a skyline that is second to none. One of the most exciting developments taking place now in Dubai is the new development known as the Canal City. Located on the south east coast of Dubai, this is the largest project yet undertaken by the Dubai real estate market, and is set to completely transform the look of this busy desert area into a thriving commercial centre. Here, buildings are being erected to create a series of luxury villas and apartments intended to rival those found in the West End of London or New York City.

Designed by award winning architects, the project is being constructed by a renowned property developer named Souk Madad. Located on the site of an old water channel, the project is being developed to create a series of apartment buildings and luxury villas, many of which are being designed around a water theme. This means that residents of the development will have access to water pipes just like those located within the current Water Park in Dubai.

One of the most popular amenities of the Canal City project is that residents are able to use the facilities provided by the planned Pashmina apartments, as well as those already in place at the project’s inception. Residents will be treated to the same excellent service that is currently offered by the Pashmina Villas and Townhouses across Dubai. Amenities include cable TV, washing machines, dryers, fridge, air conditioning units, Wi-Fi internet connections, high speed broadband and complimentary short-distance and long distance telephone services. As well as these, residents can also expect to enjoy complimentary top-grade fitness centre equipment, a state-of-the art health and fitness centre, a state-of-the-art swimming pool, a firework display, an indoor shooting range, a miniature golf course, a wet bar, and a guest house.

Each unit in the Canal City developments will feature the highest quality of construction and materials that are used to build residential properties anywhere in the world. The property developer chose to use only the best of the highest quality building materials and construction techniques to ensure that the residents of the complexes receive a topnotch standard of living. Each resident of the properties will also be provided with a fully furnished kitchen featuring all the appliances required for cooking and preparing meals. Each resident will also be provided with a fully equipped bathroom complete with an authentic Egyptian motif.

The convenience of living in one of the canal front properties is enhanced by the proximity to a Dubai Shopping Mall. Tourists and residents can shop conveniently from the dining and shopping areas, or simply stroll through the extensive shopping streets. There are a total of fourteen shops in total, offering residents a chance to purchase anything from clothing to electronics. A one hundred and forty-one meter wide public square is available for residents to use for recreational purposes. There are also numerous restaurants located throughout the property, providing residents with the opportunity to dine privately or enjoy communal dining.

One of the primary selling points for the residents of the residence developments in UAE is the exquisite landscape landscaping. The property developer has spent considerable time and money on the landscaping, ensuring that it complements the buildings and enhances the overall appearance of the property. Residents will have an excellent view of the landscape, and numerous landscaped gardens and pools allow residents to entertain guests and relax. In addition, the property developer offers residents an abundance of parking lots. These are large and neatly placed within the development, which allows residents to access their vehicles easily.

The property developers in Dubai have received several awards for their exemplary and professional work. A representative from the United Kingdom’s Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors is credited as an advisor to the property developers. This individual is responsible for ensuring that all development plans are implemented to the highest standard. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors is one of the most prestigious business organizations in the world, and their assistance is sought out by many private investors as well as government agencies.

Amenities and services are equally impressive at both the master-planned community and the small group of residences. The master-planned community features extensive works of art including gardens and public spaces that showcase the luxurious lifestyle of the residents. Several swimming pools are available for the resident’s enjoyment, as well as sauna facilities and fitness centers. All of the residences have free access to Wi-Fi internet, a coffee and tea maker, washer/dryer, high speed internet, a cable television package, a security system, a safe and secured recreational area, and numerous other residential community features. All of the amenities and services offered by The Palm Court at Dubai Creek are made in keeping with the finest standards possible, and residents are provided an unparalleled level of comfort and luxury.

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