California doctor claims he’s seen more deaths by suicide than coronavirus

Pandemic virus has taken the toll around the globe and not just sabotage the physical condition of people but also impacting the mental state as well.

The dreadful fact is that the case of deaths under the pandemic situation is increasing now due it’s precaution measures itself.

The approach of dealing with the virus is now becoming the cause of fearful situation which is changing the entire of picture of the nation. At one hand, the decision of lockdown as a measure to control the life taking disease has been adapted to control the virus, however, with time, it is continuously increasing the number of suicidal cases due to depression which accompanying the issue silently and the outcome is it is turning the table around.

The head of hospital’s trauma team says that they have seen more deaths from lockdown suicides rather than the Corona pandemic. “We haven’t seen such an unprecedented situation in ages

Dr. Mike DeBoisblanc confirmed that ‘this is resulting in mental block to various people with catastrophic change’.

As per the recent update, 90631 cases have been captured as confirmed “Covid-19” infected with 3708 deaths.

The number of suicide attempts have been significantly increased over the past four weeks. This is the sheer impact of mental disorder & anxiety. DeBoisblanc believes that mental health is drastically demanding shelter-in-place in the country.

The alarming situation is even encountered by his colleague, Kacey Hansen — a trauma nurse at the hospital for 33 years — says the focus on treating COVID-19 has also meant they have not able to save as many suicide patients as usual.

It is imperative that doctors are trying their best to defeat Coronavirus, however, they also need to hold suicide’s cases to win the game.

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