Brownes Dairy Innovates with the First Renewable, Sustainable Milk Cartons

As Western Australia’s oldest dairy company, Brownes Dairy has been on the cutting edge of innovation for decades and has innovated to meet a variety of challenges. The dairy brought back home milk delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic and the company has also launched the first renewable milk cartons.

Brownes Dairy is the first in Australia to utilize Tetra Pak’s milk cartons constructed from wood fibers and sugar cane, both of which are eco-friendly and renewable resources. The dairy will be transitioning 25 products to the sustainable packaging, representing approximately 17.8 million milk cartons.

The bio-based material has been tested extensively and the dairy is satisfied that the packaging meets its exacting criteria to ensure quality, freshness and safety. Prior to the introduction of the new packaging, the emphasis and focus of companies around the world has been on recycling and reusing products, without addressing the continued use of plastic and fossil fuels needed in the production.

The use of the new milk cartons is just one way that the dairy has innovated over its 130-year history. In response to a survey conducted by the dairy, milk and milk delivery was reinstituted. The company’s website was also transitioned to accept orders 24/7 and customers can choose the delivery date they desire.

The dairy also partnered with The Wiggles for its line of yoghurt pouches created just for children. The yoghurt contains no artificial flavours, colors, preservatives, or added sugar for a tasty treat that provides healthy prebiotics and probiotics. It’s also lactose and gluten free.

Customers can now order their favorite flavours of chilled ice coffees, cold brew coffees, and its award-winning Hunt and Brew beverage online 24/7. Individuals can also order orange juice, cream, and yoghurt online for home delivery, along with milk in the new eco-friendly and renewable cartons.

About Brownes Dairy

Established in 1886 by Edward Browne on land now known as Shenton Park, Brownes Dairy is Australia’s oldest dairy company. In 1949 it became the first company in WA milk company to produce pasteurized milk in bottles and the first flavoured chocolate milk in 1950. The company began exporting its products in 1980. Brownes Dairy has been an iconic brand in WA and continues to evolve and innovate to meet the needs of customers. The company has won prestigious awards for its Extra Creamy Milk, Full Cream Milk, its “A Natural Silence” campaign, and as Most Innovative Company. Connect with Brownes Dairy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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