Briefings, annual plan Rd works

Briefings and seminars continue

This week, elected members met with Bay Leisure and Events Limited’s board of directors to hear their vision and strategic plan.

In January, as part of the annual plan process, selected participants will discuss whether the Beykur Theater should be converted to BLEL.

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A workshop on CBD and parking was held to inform newly elected members. I welcome a randomly selected workshop from approximately 12 tenants to express their feedback, opinions and ideas on the CBD to selected members.

Questions and options for the annual plan

Discussions on the annual plan will begin next week, an important process for prioritizing projects and budgets.

Highlights of the December meetings include the Grerton Library, downpours and civil defense sirens.

Beach Rd is working

I got acquainted with the works being carried out on Beach Rd near Kulim Park.

A sloping rock wall is being built on Beach Road. The cladding will protect the roadway, in places blown away by waves and storm surges. In addition to protection from rocks, a 3.0-meter-wide combined pedestrian / bicycle path is being built on the sea side of a number of trees. This adds another link to the popular promenade between Ferguson Park and the city.

The scope of work includes the expansion of all existing stormwater drains along Beach Rd and the construction of beach access points in the form of stairs and boat ramps.

This project is also associated with the transfer of the 525-diameter sewer line from the coastal strip adjacent to Kulim Park. The ugly hatches and ballast of the concrete pipe will be removed when the pipe is moved to the park.

Most of the work will be completed by Christmas, and a footpath / bike path will be opened between Otumoetai Rd and the end of Beach Rd. The contractor will be stopped during the Christmas / New Year period and will return in January to complete work at Kulim Park.


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