Brief About Château Abbey Malt Review

Brews with intricate malty profiles are an absolute crowd-pleaser. Restricting the malt bill is an ideal practice though; having some speciality malts in optimal proportions renders your brew strong malty flavours and aromas. Château Abbey Malt can be that speciality malt for a palatable brew. Try it, if haven’t already. Here’s an elaborate profile of the malt that’s drawing attention.

What is it

Château Abbey is essentially Belgian biscuit malt that renders strong notes of cooked bread, nuts and fruit. Call it a highly toasted variant of pale malt. The speciality malt exudes a bitter flavour, which gets toned down upon ageing. Also, expect it to be strongly flavoured when aged. 

The malt is generally used as a fraction of the grist in beers where considerable colour depth is a priority. It’s highly friable, meaning you won’t be having any problem in crushing it. It’s a biscuit malt variant but sweeter than the usual biscuit malt.  


Already piqued your interest? Here’re the specifications that every brewer should know.  

  • Flavour: Rest assured of a profound malty flavour and a strong aroma of cooked bread, nuts and fruits. The flavour might intensify when the speciality malt is aged.

  • Uses: Château Abbey lends itself exceptionally well to Trappist Ale, Brown porter, Pale ale, Abbey beers, fruit beers, and multiple speciality beers and British beers.

  • Features: The grain is specifically germinated to ensure proper development of malt enzymes, and eventually kilned at up to 110°C to restrict the moisture content to 4.5%.

  • Brand: The malt is a premium offering of Castle Malting, the world’s leading malting company since 1868. Expect nothing but a quality product with proper ingredients.

  • Body: Count on the malt for giving body to your beer and adding that exotic mouth-feel.

  • Malt Bill: Maximum 25% of the mix

  • Colour: 16-19° L

  • pH: 6.0 Max

  • Moisture: 4.5% Max

  • Storage: Store Château Abbey in a cool, clean, dry, and pest-free place. The temperature should not exceed 22 °C while moisture levels must be below 35 RH %. Note that, improper storage leads to a loss in flavour and freshness. With proper storage, kernel products are best within 24 months of the manufacturing date and milled products, within 3 months.    
  • Packaging: Available in multiple packaging options to suit different requirements. 
    • Bags: 25kg and 50kg 
    • Big Bags: 400kg to 1,400kg
    • Containers: 20’ and 40’ for exports 

Why does it make sense for you

Castle Malting product and service offerings are industry standards in quality. The malting company makes the most of time-honoured methods and cutting edge technology to produce over 100 malt types for breweries and distilleries that appreciate quality. Here’re a few factors that make Castle Malting and its premium offering Château Abbey Malt the best bet.    

  • Traceability

Castle Malting complies with traceability standards put forth by the Regulation EC/178/2002 of the European Council. All malts can be traced right back to the field where the cereal is grown. That translates into better supply chain management and significant risk reduction.  

  • GMO-free guarantee

Castle Malting refrains from using any genetically modified life forms for malting, in line with European Directive 2001/18/EC. As such, the risk of developing unwanted side-effects, notably toxicity and organ damage, along with other health issues is eliminated outright.  

  • Quality Compliance

All malts are a result of a time-honoured malting process lasting for 9 days. Strict conformity to ISO 22000 and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards is ensured at each step. So, expect total grain modification and the finest malts for those artisanal brews.  

  • Safe, Efficient transportation

Per the Castle Malting malt review, only GMP-certified transporters are roped in to transport malts. The malts that reach you, thus, retain their quality, freshness, and aroma.

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