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Breast Augmentation Vs. Breast Lift – What Is the Difference?

The trend of cosmetic surgeries has changed a lot in previous years. However, the procedures of breast enhancement still remain the preferred choices among women.

Researchers have found out that women are into breast surgeries today more than ever before. It is true that breasts are the defining part of the human physique. That is why being unhappy with their breast size; they opt for surgeries, breast augmentation and breast implants to get the desired shape and size.

The trend of refined and sculpted figures is common globally. However, breast augmentation and breast lift surgery in Dubai is famous as it has become a hub of cosmetic surgery and has many skilled professionals.

Furthermore, breast lift and breast augmentation seem to be the same, but they have different approaches. In this blog, we will discuss the difference between both these procedures so you can find out which treatment targets your specific needs.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a treatment to enhance the size of the breasts. Women with small breasts can enhance their size as per their desire with the help of boob jobs. Celebrities and influencers play a major role in the rising demand for this surgery. Women who idealize celebrities opt for these surgeries to get a figure identical to their ideal. Furthermore, the beauty trends set by society are another reason for the high demand for breast augmentation.   

It is true that you can get the desired shape and size of breasts with this surgery. However, how many surgeries you will need to reach the desired size depends on your current size and other parameters. That is why consulting a doctor is the first step.

Which Implants Are Used In The Procedure?

Two implants, silicon and saline, are common and safe to use. However, which is better depends on many factors but the size you desire matters the most. Silicone implants are perfect for those having fewer breast tissues. They require deep incisions, provide a natural look, and are more expensive owing to the advantages it offers.  

However, saline breasts do not provide extra volume and are perfect for those with more breast tissues. It adds volume without changing the natural feel of the breast. Both implants can last 14 to 15 years. If you feel any discomfort before that, consult your surgeon.  

Who Is It For?

Now that you know what the treatment provides and the implants surgeons use during the surgery, the next question is, who can get it? Patients 18 years and above can use saline implants, and for silicone implants, the patient must wait until 22 years and above. Women who want to increase their breast size and volume can go with breast augmentation. Similarly, the procedure is perfect for women after pregnancy and after shedding a significant amount of weight.

What Is A Breast Lift?

Unlike breast augmentation, breast lift has nothing to do with increasing breast size. In contrast, it lifts the sagging breast by manoeuvring the existing tissues. Various circumstances can cause sagging in breasts; pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness, and age. Breast lift helps in restoring the tightness in breast tissues, thereby restoring the perfect breast shape.

Who Is It For?

A breast lift is for those women who are looking forward to restoring the firmness in their breasts. However, some women confuse the process of breast lift with increasing breast size. Be mindful that breast lift does not increase the chest size. As mentioned above, it only restores the sagginess in breast tissues providing a natural lift to the breasts. So, women with a good amount of breast tissue naturally can go for those procedures to add youthfulness and firmness to their breasts.

Can You Get Both At The Same Time?

Women prefer opting for both procedures today because it helps restore the lost volume and add tightness in the breast tissues. This option is best for women who lose a significant amount of weight because losing volume in the breast results in sagging and drooping breasts. For such women, breast augmentation gives the desired volume to the and breast lift gives fullness and perkiness. Similarly, the combination of these procedures is excellent for women after giving birth or breastfeeding. However, consulting the specialist is always the right option. A breast lift and breast enlargement Dubai surgeries are recommended by many specialists as the emirate houses many certified and skilled cosmetic surgeons.

Choose What Is Right For You.

In all, if you wish to increase the cup size or add volume to the top of your breasts, breast augmentation can attain your desires. However, breast lift helps get back the tightness in breast tissues that were lost due to age, pregnancy, and other contributing factors. So, get in touch with a certified professional, understand your options, and make the right choice. 

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