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Blue World City

Blue world city introduction

A blue world city is going to turn out to be the best and most profitable investment opportunity in Pakistan Because of its rapid development and future goals. Those who made investments in this society prior have witnessed the rise of their plot worth. It is being developed by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in close vicinity to the recently proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road and the extremely well-known Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. It is currently one of the most affordable nearby residential projects and is well-known among investors. This is the best option if you’re looking to invest significantly in a housing project with a high rate of return.

Blue world city’s best amenities

Blue world city offers international-level amenities to its resident and investors so that they can live a life that is full of luxuries. The developers have developed this society by keeping in view all the basic and luxury amenities of residents.

Basic facilities:

The Blue City Islamabad, which was done fast, has worked relentlessly to give its citizens access to adequate resources including water, gas, and electricity 24 hours a day. Additionally, underground electrical cables have been put in place to give the residents a constant source of energy.

Business opportunities:

BWC provides a fantastic chance to make significant profits. It has the potential to grow into the country’s future commercial hub due to the accessibility of the CPEC routes. It is an opportunity to engage in business interactions with other communities, such as Chinese and Pakistanis living abroad.

Schools, hospitals, and police stations:

All the necessary and basic facilities have been incorporated into this housing project. Schools are being built for the better future of the children, health facilities like hospitals with good capacity have been built, and medical stores will be opened 24/7 in case of any emergency. Police stations will be built in various areas of society so that people can report immediately in case of any mishap without any delay.

Maintained security system:

This society is one of the nation’s safest and most secure housing societies because of its advanced 24/7 Security and Surveillance system. Residents are secured by trained and experienced workers who work as part of the security team to maintain all security standards.

Huge water theme park:

Water Parks are famous for their tremendous excitement and lively joy. The most prominent theme park in Pakistan is being built by the best blue world city Islamabad while conforming to international standards, contrasting with tradition. It will have a variety of features that guarantee residents and visitors a comfortable lifestyle.

Islamic architecture:

Jamia Mosques have been established all over the country as a symbol of Muslim solidarity. Moreover, the creation of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica strongly supported Islamic architecture. This initiative represents both the historic Ottoman Empire and our Islamic values.


The Blue world city will launch 3D I-max theatres, offering a variety of entertainment. Horse riding, hiking, paragliding, and other adventurous sports would be provided by the Adventure Club. Additionally, a safari zoo with many exotic safari animals from all over the globe is in the pipeline.

Sports complex and parks:

Beautiful parks, athletic facilities, and a cultural facility are all part of BWC. Environment-friendly parks, including Oxygen Park, will offer a tranquil environment for fitness and outdoor sports. Given that Chinese people would also live in the city. The Sports and Cultural Complex will promote cross-cultural understanding and diversity.

Wide roads:

Wide roads are being built in society for travelers’ convenience so that there is no traffic jam on the roads.




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