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How to embed TikTok Videos on Your Website Step-by-step instructions

Learn how to embed TikTok videos

on your website to market products and services, particularly when you have a young audience as your primary target tiktok followers uk

In this video, we’ll show you how to use

EmbedFeed to aggregate TikTok videos you can integrate into your website as an interactive and responsive TikTok feed widget. First, let’s discuss the significance of TikTok and how this social network has gained so much tiktok followers uk

Where is one in Gen Z nowadays?

On TikTok! Informal, funny, and incredibly addictive, This app is the teens’ newest social phenomenon. Formerly called, Tik Tok has been among the top well-known free apps, with a massive amount of adoption across the globe, threatening the dominance of Snapchat and Instagram, especially within Asia in India and India.

We’re not too surprised that it’s being talked about

.The app provides a new way of sharing video content online and uniquely expressing your personality. It lets you create and share videos of short duration (from 5 to 60 minutes), edit and enhance them using many filters, or even use music as background. Lipsync offers tutorials, tutorials, and many other exciting things through the app.

Users of TikTok statistics

In addition, users use the app for, on average, 52 minutes a day using the app or making videos. This is yet another reason that will entice the interest of companies to make use of TikTok popularity and advertise their services and products, mainly if younger users are your ideal target here 

TikTok popularity isn’t going to fade away anythime shortly.

This is the reason we’ll demonstrate how to embed TikTok videos into any website builder and get the most benefit from this platform. Let’s learn how to incorporate TikTok as part of your strategy for user-generated content and impress your site visitors. Are you prepared?

Inside this aquarelle:

Why should you include TikTok videos on your site?
Using an external widget, how can you embed a TikTok video onto your website?
How do you embed the TikTok video onto your site using the native TikTok option?
Embed videos from other social media platforms

The most important key

Why should you include TikTok videos on your site?
If you’re a TikTok video creator, congratulations!

We believe these reasons will encourage you to get involved:

First, collect UGC to increase your brand’s exposure.
In a society where young customers are wary of advertisements, TikTok videos can be an excellent way to build powerful social proof and content from users on your site to demonstrate how visitors are using your brand. TikTok content on your site makes you appear as an innovative company that stays up in the current trends.

Do you want to connect further via your TikTok?

Embed the TikTok widget on your site today.
Reason 2: Enhances the user experience and SEO metrics
Improved site speed, Lower bounce rate, and more CTR are just a few SEO benefits you can expect when you include TikTok videos on your site.

 It saves space and time when uploading videos.

If you embed TikTok videos on your website, it will save you time and a significant amount of resources and space from the server you host. Instead, the videos play via the original platform (TikTok platform). This means you don’t have to upload the video to your site in addition.

Now that you know the TikTok

videos and benefits Let’s look at how you can embed TikTok videos on your website (step-by-step).We will discuss two alternatives, either using a third-party system or the native manual TikTok embedding feature.

How do you embed a TikTok video

onto your website using the help of a third-party widget?
Embedded, a popular social media site EmbedFeed offers new ways to embed and generate complete TikTok video feeds onto any site. It is a dedicated TikTok video widget that turns your website into the TikTok channel.The platform has two choices:

Manually add links to TikTok videos

then create widgets for TikTok feeds.
Connect with a TikTok account, and it will automatically take all videos from that account.
Embed TikTok videos automatically.
To make the TikTok Video widget embed it on your site, then follow these steps.

The first step is to start by creating an EmbedFeed account

. You will then be required to create the TikTok source.Step 1: Visit Sources and select TikTok
Pick TikTok as an option for a source
Step 2: Select to connect the TikTok account.
The options available are select from the two choices available, select a TikTok account to connect, and pull the videos automatically from your account. Select ‘Connect to TikTok.’

connect tiktok account

Step 3: Grant access to the EmbedFeed TikTok application.
After you have selected TikTok, an alert will pop up where you must select ‘Authorize’ for the app to connect to the TikTok account.

Click to sign up for TikTok

Step 4: Select the TikTok account.
Click on the dropdown menu and choose the account you wish to make TikTok videos. After you’re completed, click ‘Next.’

Video embeds from TikTok account

If there is more than one source, you can repeat the steps to include them all in the form of sources Select the TikTok widget template
Select from the various designs and templates (grid or wall, carousel, popup). Click ‘Create Feed.’

Step 5: Modify or customize and alter the TikTok widget.

After you have selected the template, the widget will be made, and you’ll be taken to the Editor’s main page. There you can alter the settings or even the design using customized CSS to ensure that you can ensure that your TikTok video feed is in line with your brand and website. You can also use the Moderation tab to select the public videos that will be displayed in your widget.

Step 7: Copy and paste code

Finally, Copy the code at the top left and paste it into the section of your website where you would like your TikTok widget to be displayed.

TikTok widget code

Embed TikTok widget in WordPress
Important: If you’re using WordPress, you don’t have to install or install any WordPress plugin. Go to your site or blog, add an HTML block, and paste the code provided.

Insert HTML block in WordPress post

That’s it. The TikTok stream will show on your website right away.

Add TikTok to Squarespace

If you’re using a Squarespace website builder, using EmbedFeed to embed the EmbedFeed method to insert in the TikTok video feed is also

To do this, launch Your Squarespace editor, and go through these instructions:

Visit the web page that you would like to include TikTok
Click the + icon within the Editor and create an additional section
Select the Embed block option

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