Best Healthy Breakfast and Snacks for people on a Diet

When you are on a diet, the least you want is to make a different set of meals for you. Almost all of us need quick-fixes that come in variety as well. After all, we get tired after eating bowls and bowls of oats and porridge.

So, to make your dieting better and tastier, we have come up with this fantastic list. It has the names of the healthy breakfast and snack options that you can order online and enjoy without much ado. With all these eatables ready to eat, you don’t have to continue eating bland foods, and you can easily bypass eating unhealthy snacks. All these food items are certified, tasty, and focus on nutrition more than anything else. You can order them online in bulk to keep them at home always and make your diet a success. Further, online shopping comes with benefits such as HealthXp Offers that allow you to save on every order.

So, let us proceed and find about the best diet, breakfast and snacks!

1. NourishVitals Granola Snack Bars

NourishVitals granola bars are made with 100% natural and whole grain oats. Snack bars offer natural nutrients and goodness of protein & fiber. These bars are low in fat and come invariants. They are free of soy protein, whey protein, and eggs. They are also devoid of sugar and have the natural sweetness of honey. These bars are an excellent snack option that you can carry with you at all times, even for office-munching. They are suitable for vegetarians and have lots of natural dry fruits. Offering 100% natural nutrition, they are also free of preservatives and colors.

2. NutraSphere Souprotin Manchow Soup (low fat and high protein

We bet that you are surprised to know that there is a delicious and healthy Manchow soup for the people on a diet as well, right? This Manchow Soup is not only healthy and nutritious but is also a delightful break from the typical bland and sweet diet foods. It is gluten-free and has no added sugar. It is fit to be consumed by the people on a diet as well as diabetics. It has high protein content (20%) and is entirely vegetarian. It comes with the goodness of vitamins and minerals, and a single-serve offers 6.6-gram protein. It is low-fat in nature and can be consumed by adults and kids alike. So, order this soup in bulk today for your entire family and start a healthy diet for all. Don’t forget to look for some money-saving goodies such as HealthXp Offers to make the most of every buck you spend.

3. HYP Protein Cookies (Double chocolate)

The HYP protein cookies are yet another fantastic snack option that you can also enjoy as breakfast. You can eat them with a glass of milk and evening tea (if you love your caffeine despite being on a diet). These are soft and crumbly cookies that are 100% vegetarian and made of whole wheat flour. Every pack offers you 10-gram top-grade Casein and Whey Protein. It also contains 5-gram fiber and is devoid of preservatives as well as artificial sweeteners. So, in case you miss your regular cookies when your body has low blood sugar, these are the quick healthy bites that you can eat without thinking twice.

4. True Elements Protein Mix

For all the gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts, it is essential to fulfilling the daily protein requirements for muscle recovery. This protein mix from True Elements not only does that but also ensures that the protein comes in a tasty form. This is a delightful and nutritious mix of natural seed such as seeds of pumpkin, watermelon, almonds, and soynuts. With a distinct hint of rock salt, this is perfect to be eaten as a snack and garnishing agent for your soups, salads, and other such foods.

5. MYFITNESS Peanut Butter Original Smooth

For the mornings, most of the people on a diet want a quick breakfast that is easy to make and filling. So, most of them look for bread-based recipes. This nutritious and protein-rich peanut butter is just like a dream-come-true for the people on a diet. All you have to do is, spread it on toasted or raw bread (as per your taste preferences) and enjoy a healthy breakfast. This healthy peanut butter is rich in proteins and boosts the energy levels in the morning. It is perfect for heart patients as well and is low in carbs. It is entirely devoid of cholesterol and Trans Fat.

6. True Elements Quinoa

Quinoa is one of the most recommended foods for the people on a diet and can be eaten in various forms. This pack of Quinoa comes from the house of True Elements and offers you a high-protein meal option. It is rich in fiber and also contains Vitamin B. Another plus point of this Quinoa is that it is rich in antioxidants and is 100% natural. So, if you have been skipping diet foods that use Quinoa, because of availability issues, stop doing that. Order this pack online and enjoy high-grade Quinoa the way you want.

7. True Elements Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Another incredible snack option for the people on a diet, these roasted pumpkin seeds come in cheesy onion flavor. It is a well-known fact that 95% of your taste comes from your sense of smell. So, if you are craving some curry-based foods, grab a handful of the cheesy onion pumpkin seeds and enjoy!

8. True Elements Dried Blueberries

Make your boring breakfast cereal bowls exciting and delicious with the dried blueberries. They are 100% natural, tasty, and can be eaten raw. You can add them to your smoothies, cereal bowls, porridge, pancakes, and shakes. So, they are highly versatile and one of the best diet food ingredients to enjoy throughout your day.

9. Alpino Unsweetened Natural Almond Butter

Make your sandwiches and brown bread toasts delightfully tasty with this different flavor. The natural almond butter is rich in nutrients and can be added to shakes, smoothies, toast and pancakes. This is devoid of added sugar and is an excellent energy booster with zero cholesterol.

10. True Elements Spicy Sunflower Seeds Roasted Chilli Garlic

This is yet another notable mention that keeps your taste buds satiated with its delicious spicy flavor. These sunflower seeds are roasted and are a perfect alternative to unhealthy snacks. You can eat them whenever you want. You can also use them in your soups and salads.

So, which ones are you going to order now?

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