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Best fruits for to keep on your wedding menu to keep your guests happy

Are you getting married anytime soon? You may be more careful about your weight and your diet these days; this is due to the fact that you want to be looking good on your special day. Now at the same time, you should also be looking forward to presenting a good menu to your friends and family who will be attending your wedding.

You may be doing and carrying on with your daily routines, but you should be focusing on the very important part of your wedding, the menu! The menu does not just have to be regular food but in fact at the same time it can be fruits too on the menu, what do you think?

This way your wedding may set an example if apart from food you also have a few good options of some nice and exotic fruits.

Here is a list of fruits that you can add to the wedding menu and we promise you that you will not regret it, best of luck!

Kaki Fruit

Kaki Fruit is very exotic and seems like a unique fruit for a wedding menu. This will put you in the limelight for having a great taste. A good host always looks out for the guests.

Sharon Fruit

When people hear about Sharon fruit they definitely become more and more inclined to having it because it has a good taste and also has many benefits.

Custard Apple

Custard Apple is also a great snack for people who have recently been married and often get cravings for some sweet and yummy fruit. This can be quite a dealmaker for you as a couple, if you are a new one.

Star Fruit

Starfruit leads to a very happy and content time with one another as it can be a cute fruit to keep on your spouse’s breakfast table or tray in bed. It will lead to a better and cuter time together eating the star shaped fruit that is also very healthy.


Chayote will not only be good for you near to your wedding, but will also make your guests glow. This will be a good option for a lightweight fruit that will not keep your guests feeling heavy.


Banana is one of the best options to mix with certain fruits.


Oranges have a great taste and smell which will not make your hall be smelling bad.

Blue berries

Everyone will agree with these yummy blue berries being on the menu because they are everyone’s favorite! You can also make a very cute basket and also make the baskets very presentable.


This fruit will keep you an engaged too at your own wedding, because they are so yummy!


Dates are awesome and they are the best way to keep yourself and your guests healthy.

Make sure you are doing your best to enjoy your wedding and not just planning everything!

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