Best and Coolest Alternate Versions of Symbiotes

Symbiotes have become some of the most popular creations of marbles years ago Peter Parker was given a change to his costume that I ended up getting a life of its own literally. After many fans responded negatively to the redesign of spider-man’s costume. This cost she would go on to be explained as a symbiote an alien entity that had bonded with Peter and would later bond with Eddie Brock to become Venom. Then it became so popular that he ended up spawning both literally and in some cases metaphorically.

5 Magical Venom

This alternate actually comes to us from the main continuity but it is a different and cool and a version of Sauron of venom that I wanted to talk about it on this list. Before the events of absolute carnage take place he finds himself without his Venom symbiote. But with the war of roams going on simultaneously finds himself faced with taking on dark elves he and the being gifted a dream stone. But I wanted Mali kith witches who foolishly expect that Eddie will use the dream stone to fight with Male kith side. Eddie accepts the gift but of course, rejects the offer fighting off that which his heart the dream stone is a magical item that allows him to make dreams and wishes become reality. He uses it to create his own magical version of the Venom symbiote but one that is fully under his control as it doesn’t possess its own consciousness. I mean obviously I think that the venom voice is usually a plus in most cases but having your own symbiote that you have complete control over that sounds pretty freaking sweet.

4 Symbioids

Symbioids in the battle realm of Earth one five one three come from the combination of the remnants of the dark side of the century known as the void and the Venom symbiote. After both were bought a stood away and seemingly disintegrated during the contest of Champions miniseries by Punisher 2099. Not only do they look super freaky and cool but it is through their existence that the stick of this universe is able to actually resurrect a century after he’s been killed. Well at the same time using their connection to the void to actually siphon out that second personality of Robert Reynolds so that all that remains is the century which is pretty neat. Even if you don’t think these things are as cool as venom just on their own just how they’re used like to create a century without a void that’s insane.

3 Pork Grind

This version of venom does come from the same alternate universe as Peter porker of Earth h3 1:1 and I know what you were thinking this maybe makes him more ridiculous than the original not cooler Amanda. But the crazy thing about any alternates that are from the ante verse of Earth 8 3 1 1 is that they have insane physics-defying fighting techniques. You can download your favorite movie on MovieHustle in HD quality without any kind of hurdle. Due to the fact that they are cartoons because of this the pork grind of Earth a31 one could likely kick the butt over six one six is venom squishing him into just like a little ball of putty in his hands. like squishing to a ball on them like slam dunk it or something now does increased power equal increased coolness I think in this case it.

2 1602 Carnage

Why 1602 because everything is kind of better and often prettier in the alternate 1602 universe this version of carnage is a demon who is bonded with canis Casspi who also happens to be the leader of the sinister sextet. In this alternate universe, a version of the Sinister Six led by carnage well to me and that is a deadly and insane team. The sinister sex had included a version of the lizard known as reptile a version of Hobgoblin and alternate for Kraven known as Karn off the 1602 version of electro and alternate Mysterio known as Magnus.

1 Symbiote Spider-Man

When we’re talking about spider-man as a villain there is almost no one more unstoppable or worse than some youth spider-man’s in 1989 one. If series in issue number four this what if posed the question of what if spider-man had become possessed by the symbiote and it was unable to be separated from him. This resulted in spider-man becoming the ultimate villain himself far greater than any Bronx venom ever was or probably. Would be this symbiote took full control over Peter and eventually left him to possess the Hulk and then moved on to Thor just moved on to like more and more powerful. This means the only thing that could stop it was black bolts sonic scream but it reached more havoc than many others. symbiote save the Grendel symbiote maybe ever have and also brain like the life energy of Peter like he was taking a little old man at the end.

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