The Benefits of Outsourcing E-Commerce Data Entry Service

“When you are dealing with the listing and display of big named brands like Elation Lighting, ADJ etc, you cannot afford to miss a beat when updating your e-store catalog. However, there simply isn’t enough seconds in a day to organize heaps of data that we have to manage on a daily basis.” Said Christien Methot from Design One Lighting Design – an e-commerce platform for lighting solutions.


What Christien said cannot be further from the truth. Managing an e-commerce store requires a lot of time and effort. Most of that time and effort goes in the collection, recording and organizing of crucial product data. This data pertains to a product’s image, features, image etc, without which you will have an empty looking catalog with nothing to tempt potential customers.


Now, e-commerce stores are a very lucrative business. Ever since its inception, the industry has spawned many successful businesses, some even going on to become household names like Amazon, and eBay. So it is understandable, if people want to jump head-first into this business to make some name and moolah for themselves. However, they also need to know of the hassles that come with running an e-commerce platform, which majorly comes in the form of an assault from the insurmountable data that will need your attention on a daily basis.


Thankfully, there now exists third party entities that lift this burden on your behalf by providing e-commerce data entry services. For many e-commerce businesses, data entry service providers are like messiahs of the new business world. If it wasn’t for them, most would have already been declared insolvent. 


So, how exactly do these firms help ecommerce platforms thrive?


To answer that question, let’s look into some of the benefits that business owners can harness by simply outsourcing ecommerce data entry services.


Benefits of Outsourcing Product Data Entry Services


Convenient Catalog Management


Catalog management is what amounts to the most frustration among ecommerce platform owners. It is tedious, time consuming and leaves room for errors to happen. Doing this task yourself, is foolish if you are already short on staff and have other areas of business to take care of. Plus, your frustration can result in the recording of erroneous data that you simply cannot afford on your live ecommerce page.


Outsourcing allows you to seek aid from industry experts who have experience in managing catalogs. They will ensure the catalog is updated with the correct image and product information. With your catalog now taken care of, you can worry about other core functions of your business, or plan a roadmap for success.


Order Processing


Order processing is just as important as any other area of your ecommerce business. A mistake in order processing can spell a disaster for your business. It can result in unsatisfied and disgruntled customers, that can cause major harm to the goodwill of your online store. It can further result in pushing customers to your competitors for the purchase of the same products that you are selling.


When you outsource ecommerce data entry services, the service provider also takes care of order processing for you. They know that any failure in the processing of order can lead to unsatisfied customers that can ruin the reputation of your store. 


Better Customer Service


Customer service is another area that you need to excel in, to ensure customer satisfaction. This means no long wait-times, timely handling of queries, polite and patient conversations with disgruntled customers and much more. You also need to provide them with an easier way to reach you conveniently.


A professional data entry service provider, does just that. They already have everything they need to deliver a better customer service experience than you ever could. They have a trained staff waiting to handle customer queries on time, 24/7. With a better customer service system in place, you can rest assured knowing you are building a good reputation for yourself.


Minimizing Overhead Costs


Outsourcing helps you save a ton of money on operational costs. You are saving money on equipement, staff and setting up of facilities. All of your operational needs are being taken care of by your service provider at an hourly or predetermined rate. You are no longer spending money on recruitment of new staff, or implementation of new tools. It is estimated that  outsourcing can cut operation cost by almost 30%.


Better SEO 


“We needed a better SEO strategy to stand a chance against a plethora dealing in the same service as us. Thankfully, our partners in outsourcing helped us achieve a unique identity online.” Said Chris Hursted from Fax it Fast, a platform that helps users send fax online.


The competition in e-commerce today is ruthless. There are multiple platforms out there, vying for attention from the same base of customers, by selling the same products as you. You need a better SEO strategy, to stand out from your competition and rank higher in the search engines. 


Data Entry service providers are well versed with tried and tested SEO strategies that can help you get an edge over your competitors. Choosing the service provider will help you make your entire ecommerce website SEO friendly.


Data Entry Services as Saviors of the Ecommerce Industry


Data entry services provide an antidote to the problem associated with the management of data in ecommerce stores. From adequate catalog management, to establishing a better customer service system, from designing an efficient SEO strategy to cutting operational costs, there are a plethora of tempting benefits to be had by outsourcing ecommerce product data entry services. Data entry service providers, in many ways, are what keep the wheels turning on the ecommerce train, albeit from behind the scenes. 

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