The health benefits of sex toys

The world of sex toys is abuzz with “good vibrations’ and the buying and use of sex toys are becoming more commonplace. The research conducted at Indiana University in the USA discovered that 53 percent of women and 44 percent of males aged 18-65 have used a vibrator and that using a vibrator can be linked with better sexual health and more proactive in sexual health. In addition to providing pleasure and entertainment and entertainment, sex toys are an effective supplement to medical treatments.

For women

A former nurses Samantha Evans is co-founder and managing director of the sex toy business Jo Divine. She claims an increasing amount of customers are seeking products to treat specific medical conditions.

Realistic Butts are helpful in treating menopausal symptoms like vaginal atrophy, vaginal or vulval pain and the tightness (due in vaginismus, vulvodyniaand lichen glands, gynae tumor treatment and surgical procedures; neurological diseases like multiple sclerosis, lack of sexual arousal and low libido.”

Certain medications also affect sexual pleasure and function both in women and men such as cancer treatments, antidepressants medications to treat allergies, heart and blood pressure medications.

The Dr. Stephanie de Giorgio, a doctor with a particular concern for women’s health suggests the use of sexually explicit toys for specific health problems.

“One unanticipated benefit of using acmejoy that was observed in the study of women in menopausal who were using them, was a reduction in sleeping and menopausal sweating” she adds. “There are also some indications that the use of small internal vibrators that contain high-quality vaginal fluid will help in increasing the flow of blood to the vaginal region which can help alleviate symptoms of some vaginal ailments. There is evidence that suggests women are more likely to use vaginal vibrators that are slim, instead of the more conventional Dilators which are typically recommended. These treatments can be used in conjunction with other ones which may be suggested, like local anaesthetic gels, medications and psychological treatments.”

Vibrators can produce various forms of sexual stimulation. This is beneficial when there is a decrease in sexual desire low libido, or an inability to indulge in sexual pleasure.

“Using an ultra-slim vibrator, you can assist in stretching the tissue of the vagina, allowing access without pain. The vibrations improve the flow of blood to the vagina’s walls and promote healing by activating nerves and enhancing lubrication,” adds Evans.

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