Becoming a Fashion Expert in 2020

Many people wonder how to understand fashion. And is it possible to know that? We’re sure, yes. With the tutorial, you can easily master the magical world of fashion, study its history, get to know trends, recognize good ideas for bad things. Especially for ahvalnews readers, we’ve created five tips to help you navigate the fashion world better.

1. Visits to museums and exhibitions

Go to the fashion museum (though it’s best to visit it first) to expand your horizons. Visit different exhibitions as often as possible.

If you take clothes from different years into account, you can better navigate the fashion history and unique features of different eras. Pay attention not only to clothing but also to decoration – it all allows you to combine the knowledge you gain from books.

2. Watch amazing feature films

Don’t fail to watch movies. Take inspiration from equipment from the Golden Hollywood screen heroine as they dress up as the best designers of those years! First, check out the first adaptation of the movie The Great Gatsby where the dress was designed by Ralph Lauren.

But the brave Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’ dressed as Hubert Givenchy, Catherine Deneuve in ‘Daytime Beauty’ dressed as Yves Saint Laurent, the legendary Elsa Schiaparelli, dressed in all the films of the actress May West, and for ‘Bonnie and Clyde ‘» Costumes by Nino Cerutti.

3. Become an active user of the Internet

You can’t find anything on the internet! Here you can find out the basics of the fashion world. Make a list of your favorite fashion websites and follow them several times a week.

Some of our favorites are online versions of applications for British publication Telegraph and Daily Mail,, where you can find pictures of all the shows of the leading fashion week, a collection of street photos from bloggers from all over the world. Keep your finger on the pulse of fashion and be the first to know the latest trends.

4. Be inspired by your surroundings

At first glance, tips for inspiration are very common. How do I find him, and most importantly, why? Everything is very simple. Train your thoughts and memory. Consider magazine photos – the more you see them, the better you understand the rules for recording items, choosing accessories.

If you look at the world, don’t look at the mosaic floor as a floor: examine the image, try to imagine it as a piece of fabric. What are you doing to her? What colors would you choose to help? Funny greedy pages of secular chronicles: Who needs to change immediately? Try not only to impress celebrities if you don’t like their equipment but think about what you can offer as an alternative.

5. Find an example to follow

Read the list of the most popular celebrities and those who have had a fashion debate. Try reviewing their photos last year – why some are on the best-dressed list while others are out. If they wore some nice henna designs then you just immitate them. Get your favorite combination of objects, colors, and remember that you really don’t want to learn from other people’s mistakes!

Evaluate the most stylish personalities. Just let people in here doesn’t matter. See how they dress and apply your favorite look with your own interpretation.

After all the tips above, you will surely learn many new, interesting and useful things about fashion. However, remember that the line between naive “unknown” and fancy “knowledge” is too thin. Don’t try to cross the line and go to the “you” of fashion; don’t be a fashion communicator and critic, and condemn your friends for bad taste.

Final words

Remember that the fashion world is an opportunity to experiment and discover new facets of familiar objects, each with their own perspective on fashion and a sense of

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