Basement Renovation of a Home – What Aspects We should consider

Often, in private homes, the basement is not involved in any way in the life of the household. In our article, we will try to show what can be done in the basement of a private house in Elgin in order to use all the space in the house to its advantage.


Basement device in a private house

If the house you have purchased allows you to comfortably accommodate the whole family, then the basement can be used for storing things: old or those that you use only at certain times of the year, for example, equipment for playing hockey. But living space in Elgin isn’t cheap, so basement renovation in Elgin is a desirable service.

If you have an interest in winemaking, the basement can be converted into a wine cellar (this practice began in the 19th century, when basements in many houses were converted into wine cellars).

If the budget allows, then with a little effort the basement can be turned into a recreation area with a home theater, and for ardent fans of a sports lifestyle, the basement can be converted into a gym.


Basement design in a private house

The main task when renovating a basement is lighting. Do not forget that the basement was not meant for the arrangement of housing (or recreation areas), so usually the technical side in it is limited to a couple of light bulbs and a complete lack of plumbing.

The form

In addition to equipping the basement with light and water, an equally important aspect is the shape of the room itself. The most convenient option would be to re-equip the basement according to the plan of the first floor, in which case you will not need to build any additional foundations for the house.

Of course while renovating your basement you can renovate or improve your whole home. You can contact IK Home Pros and hire a home improvement company. It’s better to rely on the professionals and share with them all the plans you have.

In addition, any complications in the design (for example, the construction of additional walls) is a significant blow to the budget.

Unfortunately, almost no basement can boast of high ceilings, and this problem could be solved only by digging deep into the floor, which is not worth doing, since there is a risk for the entire building.

When rebuilding a basement, it is not the least important to think about security measures. So, if the basement is used for residential purposes, then a door or window must be equipped that can take a person to an open area (or a staircase must be provided that can quickly lead to the exit) in case of danger.


What can the basement floor be turned into?

Home cinema


Children’s playroom

Small pool

Wine Vault

Warehouse of unnecessary things

As you see there are many ideas on how to renovate your basement and turn it into something interesting for you and your family.

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