Bali fights for tourism survival

New normal will crush Bali

A new brave world. Or perhaps not so brave as we keep staying inside. And just extending deadlines and waiting for something to happen. Everybody talks but not about solutions. We should get used to living with this virus or whatever it is. As it seems that there is no way to beat. At least not on paper and certainly not in the media. In fact the media starts with the fear-mongering about the 2nd wave and such.


Tourism authorities against Bali’s Governor

In Bali the tourism authorities open two beaches and the day after the governor closed them. Apparently, as they are not really closed. Nor do I think they should be closed. What is the difference between a crowded bar or club and a beach? In fact, most people on the beach go in couples or by themselves. And if some bars will open as well, it’s not a first. There are others open and so far there are no rush of ambulances collecting bodies from the streets.

Starting today June 5th the new normal starts in Bali as well. With the recommendation of the governor there will be additional rules to be followed. But he also admits that Bali was not selected as a risk (red region) by the central government in Jakarta. Yes, the governor is overzealous and I hope he is right. But he also must think about the people in need. There are no safety nets for most of the tourism workers living in Bali. And no programs to help them. Or even Bali’s packs of dogs that roam the streets (and beaches) of Denpasar and Kuta day and night.


Budget airlines in trouble

Domestic flights are open now but it will take time for the passengers to understand the new normal. Authorities can’t expect to post the new regulations on a website then expect everyone to read them, complete the questionnaires, pay the money for the corona virus tests and board on time. If you want these done you must have the infrastructure ready at the airport.

Lion Air blames the passengers for not complying with the Covid-19 safety rules. Hence is shutting services for an indefinite period. Well, is that a solution? They are not the safety champions either, if you remember the crashes and other incidents in the last few years.

Just in case, here are the domestic flight rules that the passengers must follow before boarding a plane.

1. Provide a negative result of either a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) or a Rapid Test.
2. Arrive at the airport 4 hours before the departure.
3. Wear a mask at all times and bring your own hand sanitizer.
4. Watch personal hygiene. (Whatever this means.)
5. Follow social distancing and keep things clean when on the plane.

But think about the following case. If you pay the money and get a false positive then you can’t take the flight. Well, that’s not a small thing. Some countries say that the rapid tests are highly inaccurate – some giving up to higher than 30% false results.

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