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B2B Marketing Tactics: A Guide to Hidden Opportunities

When it comes to B2B marketing, of utmost importance is how to design the perfect strategy, tailored to both their services and the market’s dynamics. Our comprehensive guide attempts to cover these salient points and more as we assist B2B marketers make the right moves.


But first,


How Do you Start with B2B Marketing?

The first trick to get your B2B marketing strategy right would be to begin well and begin smart. Start by developing a foundational understanding of your audience, your goals and your purpose. Believe us when we say that this step is going to make all the others much easier for you.


Next, instead of spending time reading about absolute fundamentals such as basic tactics and digital marketing platforms, begin by spending time on the more important aspects such as strategy development, developing buyer personas, mapping the customer journey and others. We have compiled an outline for you.


How to Develop the Right Strategy?

B2B marketing tactics will not come to your rescue unless you have marked out a cohesive and all-embracing strategy to help them deliver. Your goal most likely is to move leads through the sales funnel. You do not have to employ every marketing tactic you have ever read about to achieve this goal.


Your strategy should ideally begin with some ground survey – competitors, your own USP and more – to lay out your position in the market. This should be followed up with defining your target market and your goals, both in the short- and long-terms. Only after these steps can you decide upon which tactics to use and plan out each one singularly.  


Understanding Who Your Buyers Are

Once you have outlined a strategy and understood your target market, it is time to build out B2B buyer personas in detail – the basis for your marketing tactics. Are they purchase decision-makers or decision influencers on social and digital media? What do they do? What kind of organizations are they associated with? What channels and pages do they follow? What are their goals and interests? Who are their competitors?


Only the answers to these and similar questions can help you decide whether your tactic will work in your favour at all.  


Mapping Your B2B Customers’ Journey

By this stage, you should be working out a comprehensive customer journey or roadmap based on a few pointers. Some of these could include the web pages your customers visit, the conversion points and the kind of dynamism their journey charts based on seasonality and trends.


Generally, it works like this:

  • Awareness
  • Multi-participant consideration, along with research and discovery loop
  • Purchase
  • Post-purchase experience and loyalty loop


Mapping the customer journey can help marketers organize ways to move visitors through the sales funnel as well as plot discrete marketing tactics for them for targeted outcomes. Also, this step helps marketers measure the performance of individual resources and campaigns better.


Decoding Tactics for a Sales-Driving B2B Marketing Plan

Not surprisingly, B2B customers behave similarly to B2C customers when it comes to a purchase, which makes rich customer experience at every stage a must-have tactic. Several focus areas are requiring praiseworthy customer experience, to satisfy which a B2B marketing plan must have three components:


  • Demand generation: It involves top-of-the-funnel marketing strategies that build awareness and interest in your products and services.
  • Lead generation: It involves middle- and bottom-of-the-funnel marketing strategies that take the customer from interest to action.
  • Retention and discovery: These involve loyalty-loop marketing tactics that convert first-time customers into loyal ones.


The Top 10 B2B Marketing Tactics Today

These Top 10 B2B marketing tactics can work wonders and help you accomplish the above-mentioned components:


  • Designing a Great Website for Your Brand to develop interest and appeal
  • Efficient Social Media Marketing to reach out to more customers worldwide
  • Video Marketing for longer retention
  • Content Marketing for greater penetration across the internet
  • Search Engine Optimization to ensure greater visibility
  • Pay per Click Advertising for building more awareness
  • Event Marketing to catch the eye of key decision-makers
  • Affiliates and Partnerships to venture into related audience pools
  • Remarketing to strategically position your ads on browsers
  • Marketing Automation, including Email Marketing, to improve customer relationship management


The Final Hit  

It is after you have thoroughly understood your marketing landscape and penned down the tactics you wish to implement that you can go ahead and start planning. Based on your analysis, go for the most effective channels for demand generation, lead generation and retention. Follow the mantra of timely monitoring, periodical testing, frequent modifications and going all over again to make sure your plan’s implementation snowballs into a digital marketing success.


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