Artificial Intelligence: A Disinfectant to Fight off COVID19

COVID19 has become a global pandemic and leaving no stone unturned to cause terror in communities. Millions of people have succumbed to their life to coronavirus, and this will continue to rise. Although authorities are emphasising physical distancing and other preventive measures like wearing masks and sanitising hands time and again, the virus is not going to be under control until the rollout of the vaccine.

Scientists and health experts around the world are looking for a solution and taking the help of artificial intelligence to find the best possible treatments to kill the virus. Of course, the lockdown has been the preventive measure to contain the spread of the virus. However, how long will the economy be under a shutdown phase?

Analysing data to detect patterns

Artificial intelligence plays a paramount role to fight off COVID19. Some researchers are using artificial intelligence to prevent people from global infectious diseases. Artificial intelligence systems are competent to analyse the large amount of data to track the path of viral infections.

Upgraded software can comprehend data in over 50 languages every day that combined with factors temperature, climate and body response to determining an effective solution to fight against the virus.

Experts are turning on artificial intelligence not for just developing a vaccination for COVID19 but also for finding out the most vulnerable cities and towns. Knowing beforehand the towns that can be containment zone and hotspots, authorities can plan what to do to stop its spread.

A US-based company has developed a COVID19 tracker to check reported cases as well as sending alerts about areas where the cases are likely to rise.

Artificial intelligence systems have the potential to detect the spreading patterns of the virus and identify communities with the higher susceptibility to it. It has become possible as it can analyse data including medical history, lifestyle and other factors from millions of patients to reach out to a conclusion.

Artificial intelligence technology is helping experts to think proactively to mitigate the risk of the virus. It is crucial to understand the people who are at increased risk of COVID19, and experts can find it with the help of artificial intelligence technology. By identifying the pregnable people, caregivers can manage to offer preventive measures to them as immediately as possible.

Facial recognition technology can spot asymptomatic patients

Facial recognition is empowered with artificial intelligence technology. Some companies have produced screening machines that can detect your body temperature to send you to a quarantine centre in case you are caught with COVID19 symptoms.

However, companies are figuring out equipment that can detect other symptoms in you. Chinese cops are using helmets equipped with infrared cameras to detect COVID19 patients even in the crowd from a distance of 5 metres.

Another company has issued an artificial intelligence system called Fever that can detect people with the high temperature in the crowd. Since it is a mobile platform, it can send the alert as it detects someone with elevated temperature.

With such apps, preventive measures like self-isolation can be taken immediately. Since it is a slow killer, early recognition can help you prevent the virus from growing.

X-rays for automatic interpretation

A leading healthcare AI start-up,, has upgraded a system to detect if lungs are infected due to COVID19. This advanced AI system can detect the intensity of the lung infection due to the virus.

Likewise, there is another app that can help you find out if anybody has symptoms of COVID19 by analysing their voice. You will need to turn in your details like age, location and symptoms you feel.

This voice recognition AI technology is instrumental in diagnosing the symptoms of COVID19 because it infects airways, and you can quickly understand the pattern in the way someone speaks.

Disinfection robots

Some countries, especially China, are using robots in the hospital to disinfect surroundings. Since the virus can stay for a more extended period on any surface, it is crucial to disinfect the place as much as possible. AI-driven robots are equipped with hydrogen peroxide sprayer that can disinfect operation t6heatres, clinics, reception areas, and the like.

As you know, everybody has to follow the protocol of physical distancing. The reliance on robots has increased to serve medicines to patients. Doctors and medical experts cannot approach such patients as they are vulnerable to this infection. It is why the hospital staff is taking the help of robots.

Another advantage of robotic technology is doctors can remotely conduct checkups of their patients. Further, robots can move independently from one place to another without causing any hassle. When it comes to disinfection surroundings, robots can also disinfect flights, workplace buildings, market complexes, cinemas, theatres, halls and other places for public gathering.

Autonomous sources like drones

Until the vaccination is launched, the only thing that can protect you from the spread of COVID19 is physical distancing and strict quarantine measures. It is why some countries are restricting the movement as much as possible and using drones and autonomous vans to deliver goods, including medicines.

Autonomous trucks and vans can deliver goods to people’s doorsteps. Of course, it adds up the delivery charges, but you can go for guaranteed loans for unemployed.

As long as it is about the containment of COVID19, artificial intelligence is helping a lot. Technical experts are still working on its advancement plan to drive more benefits. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has overcome the challenges and obstacles due to physical distancing.

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