ARIA Oncology EHR Vs. HENO EHR: Which EMR Software Suits Your Practice Needs???

ARIA Oncology EHR

ARIA is an ONC-ATCB-certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software. ARIA is an information system that caters to oncology practices. It combines medical, surgical, and radiology information into a central EHR Software system. Its central system provides support to a multi-disciplinary approach to oncology treatment. It enables practitioners to:

  • create treatment plans,
  • track number of doses, and
  • write prescriptions, by using customizable templates,

ARIA EMR provides an image reviewing system. It supports Conventional CT, CBCT, MV, KV, MR and PET images. To compare acute responses to treatment and long-term clinical results, it evaluates diagnosis specific data. Diagnosis-specific data can be evaluated by the software. It helps in comparing long-term clinical outcomes and acute responses to treatments.

For compliance and identification of any required treatment changes, patient charts can be audited regularly. You can attach files, images, or patient photographs with patient records. A scheduling module is incorporated into the software to manage tasks and appointments.

ARIA oncology EMR’s comprehensive information and image management software suite. You can oversee all details of your patients’ oncology care.

Complete clinical processes of medical & radiation oncology practices are handled by ARIA EHR software. Together with comprehensive cancer centers. It also manages the management and development of complex clinical trials.


ARIA Oncology EHR Features


Comprehensive Patient Information Management

ARIA oncology EMR’s information system supports medical & radiation oncology, together with proton therapy. It allows you to review prescriptions, clinical images, QA, lab results, outcomes, and more. ARIA EMR automates cancer staging based on AJCC guidelines. It also manages toxicities flexibility.

Seamless Connectivity

The main focus of ARIA Oncology EMR is on interoperability. It allows you to share the patient data across platforms and devices. It makes it easy to transfer patient data between practices by providing an extensive DICOM and HL7 support.


Integrated Imaging

image-guided treatment techniques can be optimized through ARIA Oncology software. It employs cone-beam CT images, with radiographic, and fluoroscopic images.


ARIA Oncology EHR Pricing

ARIA Oncology EHR pricing plans are not disclosed by the vendor. The vendor can provide you a customized quote according to your organizational needs. Its price quotes include training, installation, customization, customer support, and data Transformation.

You can get an ARIA Oncology EHR demo from the vendor. The demo assists you in deciding about the functionality and suitability of the software for your practice.


ARIA Oncology EHR Reviews

Aria Oncology has 3/ 5 rating with 6 reviews on Capterra. ARIA Oncology EMR reviews are mostly positive. Some of the ARIA Oncology pros, according to the reviewers, are:

  • ARIA EMR Software provides efficient functionality.
  • ARIA Oncology provides great customer support services.
  • The software provides easy to upload patients’ documents.

Some of the ARIA Oncology cons, according to its reviewers, are:

  • ARIA Oncology software has some glitches.
  • Sometimes the software encounters IT related issues.



HENO EMR is a cloud-based Electronic Health Record software. It is suitable for physical therapy/ rehab, and speech therapy practices of all sizes. It is designed to assist practitioners to have a clear, concise system for keeping information. It keeps information about every detail of marketing, revenue, billing, productivity, and patient care. HENO EMR software key features include:

  • medical billing software,
  • electronic medical records, and
  • patient scheduling software.

You can get a complete patient overview through its centralized patient data and file uploads. Your data can be securely entered, saved, and accessed from any device having an internet connection. You can view appointment trends, financials, no-shows, and cancellations with its financial reporting feature. Its billing software also comprises of automated payment postings and custom automated email reports. Numerous practitioners, providers, and facilities can be benefited from its customizable scheduling features. The software allows integration with multiple locations to allow users:

  • manage check-ins,
  • access patient profiles,
  • view daily patient appointment lists, and
  • set recurring appointments.


HENO EHR Features


Centralized Patient Hub

A thorough understanding of your patients’ health and treatment history ensures excellent patient care. With its centralized medical records, charts and assets, you can keep all of your providers in the loop.


Patient Experience Management

Patient care is not the task for a single person, it is a collaborative task. You can streamline patient communication and interactions. You can collaborate with your team to provide a seamless and an uninterrupted patient care with HENO EHR Software. You can track when the patient was last in touch with your practice, search notes about their care, and more.


Improved task insights

HENO EHR can expedite administrative tasks and patient processing.  As it provides immediate overviews of outstanding tasks and to-dos. It also helps in keeping tabs on open notes, missing documents, evals and POCs. To make you aware about the tasks that need your immediate attention.


HENO EHR Pricing

There are various HENO EHR pricing plans offered by the vendor. Its pricing plans start from $99/ month. You can also get a quote-based pricing plan according to your specialized needs. Head to the vendor website to get a customized pricing quote.

You can request a free customized HENO EHR demo, with all of your required features and functionalities. The demo may offer you some useful insights into the workings of the software to help you decide its suitability.


HENO EHR Reviews

It has 4.4/ 5 rating with 26 reviews on Capterra. The HENO EHR reviews are mostly positive. Some of HENO EHR pros, according to its reviewers, are:

  • The software provides an ease of scheduling.
  • HENO EHR offers an integrated billing and documentation.
  • The billing feature is easy-to-navigate with a variety of reporting options.

Some of the HENO EHR cons, according to its reviewers, are:

  • Documenta and appointment tracking is a bit blurry.
  • Error messages and alerts are not very detailed.


ARIA Oncology EHR Vs. HENO EHR—Concluding Thoughts

ARIA Oncology EHR and HENO EHR are both popular Electronic Health Records software. Both software suites offer many functionalities and features to their users. This article provides you sufficient information regarding their pricing, demo, features, and reviews. You can decide which EMR software is best suited for your according to your practice’s professional and administrative needs. But you need to check the user reviews and demos to check which software fits your needs.



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