Are Masks The Next Big Thing In The Coronavirus Culture War?

As the global pandemic has reached the highest traumatic situation, there is also a debate going on for wearing masks or not. People have started to get back to their routine work, but it is still not clear whether these masks are effective in giving protecti0on against the spread of the virus?

Across the world, the government of almost every country has lifted the lockdown. People are more concerned about their offices and businesses, which is creating another panic among economies. On the other hand, we can also see that our community shares two thoughts; one which beliefs in the pandemic and one which only concerns about their enjoyment and embracing the old lifestyle. 

It is quite challenging to decide if offering the best precautions can help fight against the situation. We can’t neglect the viewpoints regarding the masks, which are debated nearly every time. In recent weeks, the debate started to take a new turn, and now, there is a little to no highlight of surgical masks being used for protection. 

Two Thoughts Putting Economies In Confusion 

Let’s get to know about the reaction of the nations regarding wearing a mask. It is reported by almost every news channel that there are mixed emotions and reactions in the response of a safety measure. 

Some have shown a positive response, which means that wearing a mask in public places is no harm. A few individuals have reflected a harsh reaction and neglect the measure for protecting against the spread of the virus. The social media has something more beyond what we see on the news channel. The angry words, debates, and political statements have gone viral, which portrays violation and disagreement from the official rules. 

However, the early actions towards the negligence proved to be right. It has shifted the debate. Experts shard their viewpoints and making the economies aware of the pros of a mask. No matter the masks are homemade or have a professional logo design of a company, it protects you from the coronavirus.  

Apart from the sane acts, we cannot shut our eyes from seeing the negligence of people and not taking necessary precautions against the coronavirus. Some people are giving a negative response, and thus, they are accused of being selfish and ignorant. It has created chaos among those who are seeking protection but have to carry out important work in public places. These civil liberties are becoming too difficult to handle that now; everyone has to face a more challenging situation in terms of controlling the spread of the virus. 

Another side of the story is that this panic has impacted politicians to change their policies immediately. Where some aggressive politicians had not given green signals for controlling the virus, they have now changed their minds and instructed the nation to wear masks in public places and offices. The change around us is better for our health, but are we all accepting the policy by heart? 

The U.S. government is taking strict action against people who are not following the government’s policy. We can notice violence and ignorance of the economy, but the government is set to take strict measures, no matter what. 

Where Is The Debate Now Heading To? 

Several examples are on-aired on different news channels regarding the violence. We can perceive from the situation that it is too hard to make people aware of the precautions. The sanity is too rare, and we could only see the self-satisfaction, selfishness, and ignorance from the pandemic, which is contagious and life-taking. 

Since the debate about wearing a mask is growing by the time, experts are playing a vital role in letting people informed about criticality. Public health workers are sharing the benefits of the mask, which is not only used to control the spread of the virus but also helping the situation from getting better. 

The doctors and professionals reportedly state that a mask will help the public to stay safe from the virus. Although it is not effective for personal protection if a person itself is affected, the public will remain out of danger. Especially in crowded places, people are advised to wear masks to avoid the spread of the virus. We never know who’s affected and how many people in the crowd are likely to catch the virus due to a low immune system. 

Apart from sketching the situation, the professionals have even cleared out that wearing a mask is a considerate act. You are obeying the civil rules, which may protect thousands of lives. 

Some health specialists described their emotions against the protests. It seems like people have become materialistic, and humanity has come to an end. Michigan State has faced unbeatable protest against wearing a mask, which has impacted the nation to a great extent. 

Doctors felt devastating and depicted worries for vulnerable individuals. People seem to take this situation as easy, but for them, it will worsen even more if strict actions are not taken on right time. The professionals humbly requested the locals to take wise steps in protecting the nation from the spread of the virus. “We all should join hands to help each other”, said Dr. Deborah Birx. 

Doctors, professionals, and the government have become a single unit in imposing the policy. If people want the government to lift the lockdown and support the public in reinitiating the business, then they have to follow civil rules. In short, every person has to wear a mask while heading towards the public places. 

Final Thoughts 

Being a civilian of the most secured and policy-rich nation, it is too devastating to see that we all are in the same boat – ignorance and lack of awareness have risked the lives of many. This act has not just created a panic among the public, but professionals are also worried to see the increasing number of cases, which are too difficult to control.

Coronavirus is real, and it has taken the lives of millions. If you, as a citizen, can play a role in protecting others’ lives, then others will do the same in return. Think twice and wisely before you take any action. 

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