May 21 2018

Turkish locals stunned to find out sacred tomb belongs to ancient Greek boxer

After years of visiting, praying and pledging vows at an ancient tomb believed to belong to a saint, the residents of Turgut neighbourhood near Turkey’s Aegean coastal city of Marmaris were shocked to find out that the structure is the resting place of a 3rd century B.C. Greek boxer, pro-government Milliyet newspaper said.

The 2,300-year old monumental tomb on a hilltop in the Turgut neighbourhood near the resort town of Marmaris was held to be the grave of a saint and was visited by locals seeking answers to their prayers up until 40 years ago. Then, upon discovery that it was not a holy site, the structure was looted, Milliyet said. 

But archaeologists have only recently discovered who the tomb belonged to and announced the pyramid-shaped structure was a mausoleum for a Greek boxer who lived 2,300 years ago.

The boxer, Diagoras of Rhodes, had the following words inscribed in the mausoleum: “I will be vigilant at the very top so as to ensure that no coward can come and destroy this grave,” Milliyet said.