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Anonymous Shut Down of Unauthorized Child Abusive Website on Dark Web

Dark Web hosts abusive material on the child abuse and there are many websites that do the same but as there are bad elements on the .onion sites there are genuine are as well. On such group has gained such a reputation is a hacking group called “Anonymous” (hacktivist) which is also a very notorious group have their presence on the Dark Web where all kind of illegal activities are carried out secretly like child pornography and drug dealing. It is a well-known fact that this secret group is made of many hackers and they manage to take down the Freedom Hosting II servers affecting more than 10,000 websites. It is a known fact that “Freedom Hosting” is the largest server hosting service on the Dark Web and provides hosting services to around 20% of the .onion site link. The .onion links are web pages that are accessed by Tor Browser and are not indexed by search engines. Most of the darknet site links trade in stolen information like credit card information, email id, social security number, driver license, and the most profound website is Cardplanet, a Russian by origin.

As per the hackers, the group is very strict about its principle of maintaining dignity and around more than half of the file hosted by the hosting provider-hosted child porn content. And this was unacceptable to “Anonymous” and so the group decided to attack the servers and they believe that they carried out a social task. Although this is not the first such incident and they previously have taken down the largest darknet website that had featured animal abuse videohive groups target organizations, institutions which undermine or violate human rights so it was quite natural that something was about to happen when they came to know about darknet site links offering child porn videos.


We all know that Darknet is used by a lot of individuals, groups, and private institutions but did you know that it is also used by dangerous terrorists who plan to threaten the very way we live. Terrorists are increasingly using the darknet or the hidden part of the internet to avoid surveillance, recruiting young interns for their nefarious activities on the surface web, and moving to encryption. After they have influenced fresh minds they start their interaction on the anonymous darknet site links. All the government organizations are on high alert as the risks are very high if the platform is not properly monitored and left untouched. Particularly the United Kingdom is very worried about the .onion site link acting as a safe shelter for these banned outfits.

There is a reason why the government is at his heels because the terror attack that took place in London was planned on encrypted messaging platform WhatsApp. The main terror suspect was Khalid Masood who had sent a WhatsApp message to an unknown source just before the day of the attack. The attack had killed four people and injured dozens. It is the burgeoning of these secrets on the shadow web (.onion site) that terrifies the law enforcement agencies which use very strong encryption. The Americans are more worried about the developments as the top bureaucrat revealed in a security conference in Geneva.

What is even harder and difficult to track and maintain is the Dark web which is hidden from the public view and is accessed by special software (Tor Browser). Most of the .onion sites use strong encryption and most of the sites are available if you know the onion site URL. These websites help in communication for terrorist organizations from where the plan is relayed to the attacker.

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